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Center i'm michael eisner vibert maybe a small community but they're coming together in a large way after a memorial day weekend skid loader accident that claimed the life of fouryearold marcus this bowers the skid loader was driven by a family member superintendent peggy peterson says the karen strength of the areas helping everybody get through the tragedy the horrible loss for for our school community time you lose a child that expecting that at all but we do have a counselor available for folks mark kasparov our had just finished a pre k program a food truck that will border backpacks full of meals to needy kids and sioux falls the stummer started as a dream and then essay written by lincoln high school senior katie patrick and after months of tweaking what started as the paper is now reality and what's more katie in her mom it's drive the truck now it is actually hopping in and turning leaky than than it or are she says the biggest thing she learned from this yearly can do something great news for those concerned that sioux falls may lose the sky force as part of a trend of nba teams preferring their development league affiliate be nearby the team says that the miami heat have purchased a controlling interest in the sky force real bottom line is that the purchase is evidence that the team will stay in sioux falls behind him in family will continue to operate it with help from the heat and get this she may be a fifty four year old woman but she's also accused the bank robbery kimberly campbell walked into the black heels federal credit union allegedly demanded money then took off witnesses called in a description in the vehicle she left in police got up to her on interstate.

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