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Great Recession clip catalogs by roughly forty percent but now we've been Amazon is getting into the printing catalog act Dingli press main still cranks out about three hundred and thirty million every year recreational pot one step closer to reality on Cape Cod state marijuana regulators have granted final approval to cure early to open up a legal pot shop in Provincetown next up an inspection and then a certificate to open this could take a few weeks and the weight feel based cure relief is one of the biggest marijuana companies in the entire country let's give more business with Karen Moscow over a Bloomberg business Boston based draftkings announce a combination that'll bring its stock public the company reached an agreement with diamond eagle acquisition NSP tech a leader in gaming technology that would create one company the new company will be led by draftkings co founder and current CEO Jason Robbins we're watching shares of Cambridge bay Sarepta therapeutics after Roche agreed to pay as much as two point eight five billion dollars to gain rights to a gene therapy for a rare muscle disease outside of the U. S. an analyst at cantor fitzgerald sees that deal is a big win for Sarepta and after more than fifty years in business the pub in downtown Amherst closed its doors for the last time on Saturday according to the globe the owners lost their lease on the property I'm bloomers carried Moscow with doing the business on WBZ Boston's news radio all right looking at the Dow right now up triple digits at twenty eight thousand five hundred sixty two just riding that wave of the billions the Santa Claus rally maybe really is here now stack up twenty eight the S. and P. up for also up in just a minute or two and then for Ben today is Tina gal so keep it right here her reports coming up to thirty it's two twenty seven as we approach the end of twenty nineteen almost half of America will make losing weight there are new year's resolution again this is Dan right I say again because it becomes a yearly cycle page the owner of a week in one eighty helps put an end to that cycle I have so many clients coming to me in March saying I tried five different programs already this year trying to meet my new year's resolution of losing.

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