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Sixty six who work at Microsoft Bellevue police need your help finding a missing teenager sixteen year old Peyton ward was last seen November second near southeast forty seventh street and one hundred thirty eighth Avenue southeast police say she was wearing a black fleece jacket and black leggings three days later her orca card was used at the king's gate park and ride what is white to five nine she weighs a hundred sixty pounds strawberry blond hair and blue eyes we have tweeted out her picture you can look by going to our Twitter feed at komo newsradio before Linwood high school choir teacher convicted of sexual misconduct with a student has been sentenced to get the update live from come as Carly Johnson a twenty eight year old a livia Sondheim will spend one year in jail which is on the higher end of state sentencing guidelines for sexual misconduct maybe the more serious punishment for her she will never teach again or work any job where she have contact with minors it was three years ago Sondheim who was just twenty five at the time got involved with a sixteen year old student she was married took the board her house several times other times charging papers say the contact happened in her classroom on a field trip and at a park Sondheim ended the relationship around the end of that school year in twenty sixteen telling the boy she wanted to focus on her marriage a marriage which is now over and that there may have been another victim staff members told police they believe she was involved another student that same summer but no charges came of that in our state legal age of consent is sixteen but teachers police officers and others in positions of public trust are not allowed to abuse that trust Carly Johnson come on news I want to give yourself some extra time today whether you're headed to work the Sounders parade or both almost Brian Calvert is here with the warning has tunnel totally gets its first major test there have been tolls in effect since Saturday and it was a holiday weekend meeting today heather marks at the Seattle department of transportation has her fingers crossed it's gonna take folks sometime to adjust their routes there times of day and their modes of transportation so we expect the next week to be area of all in in terms of traffic up to fifty percent of regular commuters could try to drive into Seattle without using the told tunnel today giovane says he'll be among them when they started telling and written right in need to take the time any longer meaning the told thoroughfare might not be as crowded for this driver it's not as much of a slowdown as I five so I'm not going to be one of those people avoiding the title back to today when tons more cars are expected on city streets after all it's back to work back to school yeah that sounds victory party that could bring tens of thousands of additional people downtown Brian Calvert colonia separate starts at noon here's what's coming up on the call more morning news hostile work environment includes an image of a rant getting stabbed I'm core when Hagel former police officers complaint for that here's geared towards looks like we have any crash being reported in seatac this is northbound I. five near a hundred and eighty eight in the right lane that Dr it's already been a tough go from three hundred and seventy fifth all the way into that area and that's after a struggle from highway sixteen two River Road we have cleared our crash in liquid from the ramp from westbound five twelve to Tacoma way he's five twelve really jam from the mall the pioneer we have some scattered slowing I'm one six seven three summer and then it's heavy out about going to to about Willis street hello again from a hundred eighty at the four oh five no shocker north world five crawling through Renton southbound four five doing the same from all over with the state route five to to southbound I. five your hitting the brakes the entire drive to merry still then it's going to be very frustrating from north Lin wood three shoreline and northbound five oh nine that is now slow most of the way from state route five eighteen two east marginal once you're on that ninety nine stretch a lot of people are jumping ship before the tunnel to avoid the tolls our next couple traffic at six forty four now here south winds forecast going for mostly cloudy skies what whether early on and then we'll wrap it all up with someone of a partial clearing later this afternoon with highs in the low fifties.

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