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It just came through me, and I kept tuning into the gut sense and my instincts about what to do next and the timing of them all and that's really what led me here. And how would you describe the class because it's pretty unique. And it's a prising in that it's called the class. And there's you know before you go into the class, you're like, okay. This is going to be like, really, woo, wound spiritual. And there's an element of that. Which is really powerful. Like I've cried during the class. But it's also like, wait. I'm doing jumping jacks. Like, yeah. That's the last thing. I would expect from what I know about Taryn to me. And how cathartic this experience could be it's crazy that jumping jacks can do that for you. How what led you to integrating? Yes. Such simple calisthenics into the class. And how'd you describe? The experience of being there will the class. It's it's a music driven self study through physical conditioning. That's that's a long sentence. Yes. It's all music based and were using the were intentionally creating discomfort in the physical body to see where the mine goes to study yourself to get to know yourself. The reason why the movements are what they are is because we don't in the whole design and the teacher training of the class. We don't speak about things like spirit or soul until you have gained the trust of the room by using music by using the cues, you can do it or don't you can't do this wrong. You're welcome to leave. You can lay down you give people permission to do. Whatever they want using those places. They do it. All like, okay. I'm not being told through something. There's no approaches is yelling anything anyone that feels comfortable the movements are done. Because when I mean, I loved humping jacks of love purpose. I like long bridges like working, my dominoes. I like push ups. I like all of these things. So the way that we do is we work one most per song we start from Seoul's effete work the way up the body only after you've gained the trust. The room in the mirrors are fogged over and you've engaged fire deep fire in the physical body. That's when the teachers able to offer out things like that is your brain is in Oregon. This is your physical body, and you have a spirit that has chosen this body, and your spirit embodied feel it and only then you bring it up..

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