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Doing their thing the movement and so i'm not entirely sure it's a worry i think it's very much again as like need to expand the need to show that from his back again as he said is there a way in which meaningless has kind of become in terms of business it's become a dominant international business language hasn't shuttered french a little bit you think they did it hasn't actually see that as honglin now which is such a common thing and i think you know even very much in france and in especially i think in late in business context kind of hasher for french exactly so even so like french people are very keen to you know just speak french police so many of light english or english words and there's been a lot of pushback from that from academics linguists in front saying we do have words all these things that we're going to use the french words so maybe it's about that as well and what about another that your half moroccan i mean what's what's the shoot in former french colonies the francophone areas i know that it's often seen as a language for the elite there's a big class element of it so for example any my family mccabe middle class and say everyone speaks exactly as good french you having been rose up in front spur again people who might know gate your school until they're sixteen might not get get schools will not learn french the same extent in that means that the not gonna be able to have access to some jobs but also i think that they're still the resentment is definitely still there on colonialism and i think the french language is still a pulse of that nothing there's been some pushback from academics and writers across francophone africa saying i actually we're not really down with the post colonialism in kind of just bringing back french which again was not really meant to be language in the first place french journalist mary lou kunht and that's it from us for now but they'll be an updated version of the global news podcast later if you'd like to comment on this one the topics covered in it new please send us an email the address is global podcast that bbc co code uk i'm jackie leonard until next time of wellness.

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