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Is is really important and letting go of those things because we all we all know we've been throwing around lately the phrase fake it kind of gets. It's getting put up with a lot of things. But i'm thinking maybe we could call that fake views because their views should not create your personal reality only your view of highly hundred and and just to piggyback on that. You know what. I've come to believe as as foundational four becoming the person we want to be is is actually separating are worth as a person from what we do what we achieve. I think it is a as a trap is so easy to fall into that. We measure ourselves with by something extra. Yeah how much money we make or what way we place in rice. If you're an athlete anything like that and the more we can actually connect to our own internal worth that. We don't have to go find elsewhere. We're just fundamentally heaven. Then we're not actually going outside win. We're not feeling threatened by what could go wrong or what could happen in terms of how we do ourselves. That gives incredible freedom to actually go out and explore. What's possible and an a. y. Enables you to the fully bring and give yourself as opposed to was kinda feeling like you might be. You might not measure we're here with elliot's welcomes two times olympic runner and humanitarian from australia and originally from new zealand. Roy darkens who is skills coach to elite athletes and high-performers. I wanna remind you have a link on the show notes. in fact i've been a guest there and i wanna tell you incredible. Show their podcast. What's right within. You could always just go to conscious millionaire. Show dot com. Look at today's show. The title has become the person you want to be. We're going to have everything at the show. Notes answers to all of the world expert entrepreneur questions that we're going to be asking later in the show the twenty four hour challenge. We're about to have go there and learn more about what's right within. I know that your life will be more right if you listen to. What's right within. we'll be right back..

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