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They make me. But your mother didn't make you a sandwich. That's sad. Maybe overnight. Still it's their job to make you get you a sandwich. If I had a kid, I I guess I'd have to make sure they had a sandwich or maybe. Yeah. Why make sure my? Yeah. Well, thank you for that. Appreciate it. Timmy. Thanks bye. Yeah. You too. That's kind of sad. Jimmy's. Mom, didn't give them lunch money, and then give him a sandwich or anything. What's the standards the standard bring their lunch from home? It's a sandwich sandwich. Maybe too, right? It would probably be baloney, right? We wouldn't get ham very much peanut butter and jelly. Or baloney? Only sounds was big at my house. Good love baloney sandwiches. With mustard. In high school. Cafeteria. I love the cafeteria in high school. I hated high school love the cafeteria just love lunch. And they had. Kinds of sandwiches. But the main one was Hanan pickle pickle sandwiches. I would love those sandwiches. Just magical taste hammer. Pickle sandwich. And we ended lady the whole deal, you get your tray, the tray von Hammond pickled sandwich and milk. Or three and pickle sandwiches. And have you ever had a ham sandwich? It's not like a slice of ham is ground up. Like the ham might have been span. I don't know. Ground up. Male and pickles. And it wasn't on a bunkerville was just wanted to bread or something. In Spaulding, high school cafeteria. I worked. I got I got a job in the. Supply room the cafeteria they'd get a bunch of big cans. Number ten cans of stuff like peaches. And I remember where I worked actually this kid got me a job. And he ended up getting a fight with a kid. I don't like fighting or anything. But somehow fight happened fight happened. There was a fight. And I was in it in the supply room of the cafeteria. With these big boxes. Big cans all over the place. And as far as hot lunch went in in grade school. I remember most of the time. What I remember? Anyway was American chop. Suey? Good hotlines was kind of a luxury. I remember I lived right across the street for a while. I was going home. I could walk right across the street know, three two minute walk and get soup and a sandwich. So we did that for a while. Also, my mother was a teacher. So she was. She's not gonna. Not letting any food let's checkup on sullying Glasgow. How're you doing? Sally. Hi. Can you hear me, Bradley? Yep. Is a consulting. All right. I'm having a little time here in new okay? I won't I wanted to try made about the school lunch program. Yes. I grew up in Essex Massachusetts, and it was a pretty affluent family. My mother and father, and I always had plenty always had plenty of money by me to milks in to ice creams. Every day. But when I was in elementary school. They had this class called home economics which taught kids how to run home like a June cleaver. And what they did was with the kids families that couldn't afford lunch. During the lunch period. You know, it was forty three minutes. Same as a math class or social studies class or whatever. Mcandrew bring him stuff from home, and they would make their own lunch in the home that can learn how to run the stove the dishwasher. Well, Jay Schwartz. World over Washington's wash dishes by hand. Does was. Their favorite class in school. Brennan. Donations and the kids were ashamed. They would learning how to cook. We're going to be self sufficient. Again. Sometimes I'd go there. I'd take my lunch money and buy lunch. Hot lunch in the cafeteria, really. So I just throw that out for food so far. Well, I appreciate that. That's kinda cool in my high school. That was also a home economics department, and it was kind of freaky because it was like a they built the school. I think in nineteen way back in nineteen forty three and back in the day. It was important to have a state of the art home economics centre. So they had it was like a home that a kitchen and the whole thing right weird. And what they did was the ethics element school system. You know, want to be shipped out to go to high school age gloss high school, and that's where I reside. Now in Gloucester originally for mastic forty five years, I'm in my sixties now, but those kids. Mine was back then was thirty five sets of day. Thirty five cents a day. And not to be derogatory. It'd be charged about these people that can't afford kids. I mean, these kids whose mothers and fathers having these kitchen say they came afford to buy lunch around E K. I don't know. Good question. Yeah. I mean, it does that factor into the equation. I don't know. Sully. Thanks a lot, man. All right. So calm economics for the poor kids. They learn how to cook. And I get to eat what they make good idea. Good idea. They care. Thank you very much. We turn. Yeah. Thank you. For your time. A group. Sully grew up in Essex of Whitman's, right? Woodman's clam place. I moved to Gloucester. I wonder what it's like living in Gloucester. I'm I'm curious about that is it is Gloucester report town is working man town is it a blue collar town. Seafaring town, or is that our people out of work in Gloucester? What's going on in Gloucester? Hello gloucester. Six seven two five four ten threes. WBZ I wanted to ask him. Another question too. Because I want to throw this into the mix. Everybody has everybody's gotten fired once right? Everybody. Can we this story when you got fired? Even if it was when you were a kid, what were you doing and? And why does he get fired in? How did it? Go down. Tell it in some details for some reason distract me last night. I was watching TV somebody was getting fired. I realized whoa. Everyone has getting fired starring I'd love to hear them. It's okay. It's not a shameful thing. If you're if you're embarrassed you can use a fake name. Tell me the story of the time you get fired. I'll tell you can talk and talk to me about shame. Shame valuable tool for bringing up a kid or whether that's more harmful than it helps. As far as getting fired. My first job was raking blueberries told you about this. And I I just I wasn't very good at it. I also hated it was really hot hot hot hot. And rubes. Boop. The blueberries day, we didn't take them there were low Bush, and you use a blueberry rake. I was. Not good at it. And when rake blueberries, I guess when you pick them too. They used to have to winnow them. Do you know what winning is? You've heard the phrase win win out the bad, the badness, the bad guy, the bad girl winnow out. It means to sort of get rid of the bad part of something to keep the good part. They had winnowing machines. And when winnowing machine for blueberries is. I motor with a conveyor belts on an angle. And there is a. Fan blowing on the conveyor belt. Up the hill fans going up the hill when you pour the blueberries you picked on the on the winnowing machine. The blueberries roll down the conveyor belt. Variables going up at the blueberries roll down and. There's a fan blowing on it. So the sticks and the leaves and stuff they blow out so only the the various remain the problem with the blueberries I would produce mushy because I was I didn't rate them correctly. And they would yell at me all the time. We can't use these blueberries for regular sales. We have to sell them to table talk for pies because it's mushy, and I guess you don't get the same amount. So finally. I got fired this okay, though. I was so glad and maybe I'm sure that had to do with. Why couldn't really do a very good job? I didn't care. I wanted to get fired. I hated it. And that was my first job. I thought this is what work is going to be like, this is work. Really, this is it the rest of my life. I'm gonna this is what is in store for me. I was pretty bummed out. Another reason I didn't like it was paid four cents a pound and a basket was twenty pounds. So what's that? Four cents a pound twenty that's eighty cents, but it took forever to rake a basket if you've got a soda from the company store, it was twenty five cents. You have to rake like seven pounds blue is just to break even on a soda. It was a bad thing. I wonder if anyone that used to work there or any of the owners are the owners kids listening because sometimes that happens. So I got fired from that one. The fruit picking job. I'm just not that guy. I'm not that guy. I am. So glad there are people that pick grapes in California. So I don't have to. The other thing was picking apples. To get up really early in the morning in the fall is freezing. And wet damp trees, and you go up on a ladder and. Close get wet and cold. This wasn't down with it. I thought I'm never going to be any good at anything. I don't like this. I I had to get all the apples even hard to get ones. I don't know how they got the hard to get was they put the latter are way out in the brands and clam up just to get that one. Apple. So I did my brother, and I did what I guess. I hope other people did the for the difficult ones. We throw other apples at it's trying to knock it off. And then put it in the basket, but the buy saw us doing that. And said, you gotta hear kids. Go home. My brother, and I were both Don fired. And after that, I really didn't get fired. Except one other time in all these years. I can remember is that was the talk show host. My first talk show jabbed down it down. Oh god. W S A R in Somerset Massachusetts, which is on the border this time. I Fall River and the border with Rhode Island. And. There was a. Those rule. You can't talk about Israel that that was ridiculous. I was driving all the way down there. It was an hour each way. And it was not fun having route forty four. I didn't. I actually hated the drive in hated doing the show. But. Something I had to do to get practice and get skills. So I did it was doing it during nine nine eleven. And they said, you can't talk about Israel, which is ridiculous ridiculous. So of course, at some point I talked about Israel anyway. And I got fired. And then you know, who my boss was Todd. He was a talk show host for busy for a while. He was my boss, and then he got fired. Oh, so happy to get fired. Because my work I would not allow me to quit. But. I was glad to be done. It's WBZ. Talk to you..

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