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Two days later denounced this everybody knows that he doesn't mean it that's why we do two days only an idiot would think that he actually met that condemnation and it turns out this is the first thing the richard spence was ever been about is right after as your spencer tweets that trump gets out there and goes yeah he was this right i blame both sides and the people who got run over or have a semblance of guilt that's what he said okay the the counterprotesters have assembled some guilt and they were also violated and and he also said there's very good people on both sides so now richard spencer and david duke or high fiving not seeing clan unite but we got the president on our side this is not a nazi country it's not a country for the klan this guy he's going to be ridden out of office toward and feathered as he should be he should already be gone and let me tell you another reason why he's gone because donald trump is not the guy who gracefully gets out of a problem he's going to double down tripled down quadrupled down this is just the beginning he will attack the people who were murdered the person who was murdered and the people who were uh harmed in that charles will protest over and over and over again wasn't does it was he does it ten times and he will support the guys that were part of that rally over and over and over again kissing can't help himself because that's what he believes another thing that he did over and over and over again during his campaign was ridicule a f a member of our military muslim member of our military who lost his life in the line of duty okay and then further ridiculed his family members over and over again keep in mind that the right wing is supposed to be the promilitary party the party that wants to respect the troops that you know wants to support the troops but he did it over and over and over again and they didn't care anna perfectly fine counterpoint and it's grossest sickening budd.

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