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At your perspective. Get things get things in order because I. Think there are a lot of other things that have gone on in the Senate that were a lot worse than that but this is giving them the excuse. To call her illegitimate even though the process works exactly the same every single time and too extreme too extreme. So. They're gonNA have to pack the court. We'll have more on that later this hour also Selena. Zito is with US Selena is the reporter that called the election last time. She got it right because she listens to the people and not to the rest of the press in she just got rid of her twitter account. So she's not listening to everybody else and she just anyway Selena is joining us to tell us what's happening on the ground in a very important state. Pennsylvania and we begin in sixty seconds. Glenn Beck Program. So, not really the year for vacations Twenty Twenty even though we've all really needed one. If you're a timeshare owner your annual destination probably went to waste, and it probably wasn't the first time that you weren't able to book your vacation where or when you wanted to go. So let's be honest with how uncertain everything is right now you think you're going to be able to use a next year. Coming you're still going to have to pay for it. Oh, and you get all of the upgrades that you have to pay for. That is so great. How about you pay for something, you can use because there is a way out it's called timeshare termination team. They're going to help you get out of your timeshare legally they're going to get canceled for you and you can take control of your life. Again fact they have one hundred percent success rate of getting people out of timeshares legally it's timeshare termination team get a hold of them today get. The process started don't keep putting it off and getting stuck with another year of timeshare that you won't use. You'll get twenty percents off when you terminate your timeshare. Make sure you tell them that I sent you at eight eight eight get you out. That's Eight, eight, eight, four, three, eight, eighty, six, eighty, eight, eight, eight, eight gets you out or you can go online at timeshare termination.

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