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Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Paul George Bales discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd


I've had i've had some podcast here vodka going to ireland and guinness guinness but you know your mind thinks that it takes pays better so good she knew my friend so you comrade coming up next you'd think i bang on russell westbrook i'll tell you who the next russell westbrook is he was rookie this year he was a rookie and everybody loves him that and bad news for brady and aaron rodgers by seller hold around the corner by the way everybody thinks bang on russell westbrook story out today the paul george and westbrook may stay together and okay see i think there is another russell westbrook and if paul george bales on russell westbrook westbrook becomes like the beautiful girl that guys keep dumping and you have to ask yourself why what's wrong i don't understand this stuff listen i have been somebody that for years i don't love john wall derrick rose and westbrook why because of the same player super at letting the media falls in love with them a long regular season and then they're not great shooters which coaches figure out very quickly layoff them forcing him to go to the basket where they deal with bigger players the rim more collisions more injuries more exhausting they don't win titles westbrook is rose is wall i think we have a next westbrook and i like the kid but donovan mitchell of utah okay the media's all lathered up loves him don't.

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