Cavanaugh Cavanaugh, FBI, Joe Biden discussed on Mark Levin


We're surrounded by these idiots. It's not full ourselves. You gotta watch this on Thursday. Oh, goodness. What is one of the main quake, which she was more credible? Watch that word credible. I want you to put it in bold capitals and underline who is more credible to you. More credible to you. Ladies and gentlemen. See there's no presumption of innocence. There's no actual witnesses snow other type of corroboration, so who's more credible. And of course, we're to believe the women not the demand. According to the left just the way, it is for all you men and boys out there. Now just to update you the second woman at Ramirez has indicated through her lawyer said she is not going to testify. That's the news up to this moment. Ford is still trying to decide on the shape of the table. Not sure. One hundred percent, sure. Too many reporters no cabin on the room. No. Questioned by a woman who's the prostate. No. And don't bully her. Whatever you do don't bully her. All the Democrats already believer. And all the Democrats announced long before she appeared and came to the Washington Post that Cavanaugh everyone on the committee should be voted down. That's the point of all this. This isn't a hearing. This is a. A character assassination event. The cards are already stacked. On the way, you can question for it. In the way in question. Cavanaugh Cavanaugh anything goes for almost nothing goes. But we want to get to the bottom of this. That's calling the FBI now, ladies and gentlemen, I never do this. But we're gonna do it again to make it abundantly clear to the millions of my listeners and push it out as hard as we can to the backbenchers to our friends on FOX everywhere else. But Joe Biden set in one thousand nine hundred ninety one cut twenty go. The next person refers to an FBI report is being worth anything, obviously doesn't understand anything. F B I explicitly does not in this or any other case reach a conclusion period. Period. So judges no reason why you should know this. The reason why we cannot rely FBI report. You wouldn't like it? If we did because it is in con- -clusive. They say, he's shed. She said and they said period. So when people waving FBI report before you understand they do not they do not they do not reach conclusions. They do not make as my friend points out more. They do not make recommendations. Does he was barely literate then and his barely literate today. And I love the way. Republicans Joseph good guy. This lunch bucket. Joe? He's he's really a good guy. Now, he's not he's an asset. Now media ball's in your court now Schumer ball's in your court. Checkmate. But nonetheless, I'll be right back. Did.

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