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How exactly she does all of the voices while answering the phone and the mail is puzzlement but i'm sure computers are involved that that's it signed robin newberry while that says it all so not only am i not there i'm not either either berman are rogers rods can raja bugsy lawler right i don't know well i want everyone to know that my brother of course has nothing to do during the day because we know he doesn't what what i wanna know who's catherine these the katherine katherine so because my brother doesn't work he likes to read during the day to keep himself busy so if you have something you can read by all means send it to him send it to me at car talk plaza boxed three five zero zero harvard square cambridge our fair city massachusetts zero two two three eight or if he's too lazy to steal envelopes from the office you can email him stuff from our website car talk dot com forget to do that now if you wanna talk to us numbers one eight car talk that's eight double eight double to seven eighty two double five lawyer on car talk hello this is bill from fredericksburg virginia hi bill what's up well my wife and i are cheap all at my brother deal with this i'll go for sandwich.

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