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You know. The betters have been responding and it's nice that we also get some nice weather You know we had that little wet stretch that everyone lamented lamented about but it's been been nice weather and then should be nice weather again today I believe And we've got steaks today. Let's take a look. Let me pull out the Wednesday card to twenty post and the late action today. The pick five starts in race five and got how the weather is holding up. Right. Thought Right we thought there was going to be some storm activity just talked to Rick Hamilton earlier and Kentucky downs was nervous as could be about the you know that hurricane the latest hurricane but It seems like everything's okay through the middle middle part of the country. Yeah I. Think they'll be fine down there today and we're. Scotch let's see about four or five hours south of US Nashville a you know it's a little north of Nashville and. About four five hours south of where Kentucky down that compared to Indiana Grand just looking at the the forecast today it's It's coming mostly sunny and high of about eighty degrees. Nice. Perfect So turf surface in good stead today, and that includes the start of the sequence. The Richmond goes as the seventh. The Gus Grissom goes is the eighth and.

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