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So you could argue this is in some ways this spring training. Remember he was coming into spring training. Off the shoulder surgery, so he didn't get much action in spring training because he didn't even get into the lineup until spring training was almost over. Then, you know four games into the season as a broken legs. Now he's back on the injured list. Comes back, You know, then he has his latest step back now he's just come back. And as you mentioned starting to hit a group, so you know, dive. You're certainly hoping that once he gets this round of extended playing time that he'll More closely resemble the player that was the most valuable one in the National League two years ago. This Dodgers team is probably in one of the more contested races anywhere, and you know the Padres the Giants. Uh, when it's all said, and done with all shakes out the, uh do the Padres have the staying power does because for the while the Giants look like they just they were going to hit and hit and hit in pitch and pitch and pitch, And then the Dodgers made them look kind of foolish year in their recent series. Uh, is this one going to go to the and or is there going to be a horse that ultimately just runs away down the stretch? We're only at the All Star break. Yeah. I mean, it's a little bit hard to tell because we sort of assume from spring training that this would be a two way race with the Dodgers and Padres, and nobody really projected the Giants being a part of it. But Giants has certainly had, you know enough chances to fall out of it and You know you pick up the standings today, and they're still in first place. And you know what's the Probably the best division in baseball in terms of the top heaviness of the, you know. Leading the division. The divers have always been about depth. They have not been about one or two or three players. And indeed they've showed that this year as you mentioned, you know, Bellinger has been hurt for awhile. Seeger has been hurt for a while. Um, Dustin May he was supposed to be one of their top starting pitchers is out for the year after surgery. At one point early this year, they had what seemed like half the bullpen on the injured list. They're still there. You know there. Right behind the Giants in the standings, and not far So, uh, if that plays out the way it has over the past eight years when the Dodgers have won the division every year, you know be hard to bet against him at this point. Yeah, it would. It would. They are fun to watch. I'll tell you that much. It's weird. I don't know if this is just me. But you know, I go to go to games from time to time, especially when when my cubs are in town like I said, but The pitching has been so good and you know the checks for foreign substances and all those things, but Is it just me or is this the games I went to, But games are hitters are either hitting home runs or or not at all, like like it's it's. That's how that's how people are getting. That's how teams are getting their runs. It seems it doesn't seem a lot of small ball moving guys around hitting doubles. It seems like especially for the Dodgers during that series, and particularly The way they got their runs was with home runs, and that's it. That's the way the game is played the past. Would say 5 to 10 years irrespective of the foreign substances, which accelerated the trend. But the term is three true outcomes, walks, strikeouts and home runs. The analytics. Guys have figured out that that's the most efficient way to run a team. Unfortunately, it creates a pretty boring product on the field. And so the league actually hired Theo Epstein, who used to run the Cubs and the Red Sox. To come up with some ideas. I had to make the game more exciting and how to get doubles and triples and stolen bases back into the game and not just make it a festival of walks, strikeouts and home runs and The trouble with that, of course, is, you know you get a ball put into play once every 10 minutes, So they're doing experiments in the minor leagues, looking in some levels to see Well, if we modify the shift rules and maybe not allow infielders to shift to the degree they do with that help. In some leagues there. Limiting the number of times pitchers can throw to first base to try to encourage stolen bases and other leagues actually have bigger basis to narrow the distance between 1st and 2nd. So maybe you can steal more. And when they get the results on this, they'll see what they think might might impact the game. But as you mentioned getting foreign substances off, the baseball has made a pretty significant impact in just a few weeks. Yeah, just a few weeks. All right, Um Before we get you out of here. We're speaking with Bill Shake in L. A Times national baseball reporter focus mostly on the L. A Dodgers. The Trevor Bauer situation. Let's let's say Major League Baseball acts here in And they suspend power for some time is this Uh, Or the Dodgers going to try to look for somebody else or do they feel like they have the horses in play that can pick up the slack for for the loss of Trevor Bauer down the stretch? Well, when you came into spring training, you looked at the divers depth and starting pitching and said, This is really, really good. Indeed, they had They're five starters. Then they had Tony Gosselin, who was very Good last year as a rookie as potentially number six David Price, former Cy Young Award winner in their bullpen, essentially his number seven they had a prospect named Josiah Gray, who they thought would be the first guy called up to the majors at number eight. So where are we now? Power's out indefinitely. May is lost for the season. Goss was in the rotation. They.

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