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That was good point howie roseman was fired and and grop back well not necessarily howie roseman gets moved to a different position still within the sixers and for hanky he was basically forced out ownership didn't have a care for sam hinkie in any real way they just figured he was a guy that was running their business manager and managers get hired and fired that's how it works but for roseman he had a strong relationship with lori lori cared about him laurie believed in him he did we had to do because it was crunch time and chip felt like the future so you had to do it but that's why rose mcgowan back and for for hanky when you get fired like that then i don't know how you believe in the sixers and say hey well i did all this stuff before let me come back and work for you because there's no way that you just have that level of trust and again that was colangelo is problem in the first place here so i don't know i i don't think he's going to be the guy i don't think he'd want to come here but it's fun to think about and if he did i would accept that i would be happy if he did come back and run the team but eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four we'll go to denardo denardo what'd you think of the cup man oh i thought it was fantastic i definitely want to talk to you of hockey final the flyers trust your topic gory eagles are being prosecuted great calls statements back from woman named bruce just the fact that people are talking he me show it's very sad for me i i see society it's so does this is racial tension everywhere you know entertainment sports and we're gonna to music and film it's supposed to be a temporal escape from the ugliness of the world and we're seeing less and less lesser that because now you have the political agenda the overtones we're just they're all over the place in the world of entertainment so i know people have a right to their opinions certainly i mean i don't have to agree with it i can certainly leaves respected and.

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