George Hw Bush, Steve Bannon, Republican Party discussed on The Lead with Jake Tapper


Another exchange from the vanity fair interview ban is talking about his dislike for the bushes we know this is long established as dislike of the bushes and he thinks that they've been too quick to attack president trump he said this about george hw bush i really detested them about the bushes i mean the old man is a pervert he's a pervert grabbing these girls and grabbing their rear ends that's interesting uh that he would say that given that his tolerance for other politicians allegations against them including president trump including worry more has been a little bit more he's been defending it yeah yeah but that allegation about a george hw bush has been out there for quite some time right well this is of course more politically convenient for steve bannon because his whole brand is built to being anti establishment round taking on republicans who have been around for years and years of these powerbrokers in the republican party it isn't as politically expedient for him to take on donald trump of course uh or someone like where i'm more who he he token is sort of his insurgent candidate there and i mean they'd that part with eyepopping but even more eyepopping that steve bannon said he is saying that dial president bush didn't get enough blamed for nine eleven i mean that is conspiracy wacky doodles south that donald trump was messing in against president jeb bush during the republican primary donald trump's defense walt's all of that line is one of the reasons that jeb bush went down in the south carolina primary and steve bannon is still twisted and then one of the things he said is that if it had happened of nine eleven during the trump administration and the trump people had said along the lines of we're just getting our sea legs when this happens that the bush people.

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