Sarah Feinberg, New York City, President Trump discussed on 10 10 WINS 24 Hour News


Tonight's the night relates morals the morning the subway service will be stopped wanting him to five AM for disinfection of all subway cars and stations and removal of the homeless that's going to take a massive police presence to accomplish was shut down will continue until further notice however the MTA will see to it that any essential workers get where they need to go during these overnight hours the MTA is adding overnight bus service on routes that normally don't run during one in five and making existing bus service more frequent for some people bus service is not going to work they may live in a location or traveling to a location where buses are just not reasonable its bus service is not going to work for you and in this case we would call and reasonable more than an hour and twenty minutes or more than two transfers we will provide tax delivery service in from New York City transit president Sarah Feinberg says people can sign up at NTA dot info slash overnight the overnight work is deploying not just the personnel cleaning and disinfecting but what the agency is calling an unprecedented number of NYPD officers to help close and secure the station's

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