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Week. About that in terms of weird derbies and they're always like, boy, you ate. Yeah, I've said it on a few shows before. I long for the days of spectacular bid and unbridled because those were the, you know, you weren't thinking about some of this crazy stuff that's happened last few years, especially The Rain and the DQs and everything else. Yeah, all right, Marty will always good to catch up with you, look forward to seeing you, I guess Wednesday morning. I'll be I'll be in Margo's office, you'll stop by, right? Oh yeah, I'll be there, and you know, Tampa made Derby day is always such an exciting day there. The fans are so Tom and you got the basketball turn right there this weekend and I imagine they'll do 15 million or more. I'm sure that they're going to set a record on Saturday. Yeah, I think the record would last year was like 15 two or I'm totally guessing off that memory. But I remember that was kind of I thought it was yeah, that was a high 14 you're probably right. Let's go for 16 now. Let's do 60. Easy money. Never doubt. Marty always good to talk to you. We'll be right back after a short time out. It's a JCB Morse racing podcast brought to you by twins fires. This is the Jason beam horse racing podcast brought to you by twin spires. All right, big thanks to Marty McGee for joining us. One of my big to dos lately has been to get a new set of commercials and get a new intro to the show. I kind of wanted to use the Sam Davis, but I had that little trip up on ship stational name and I just don't want that to be on the intro every day and have it remind me of when my mouth slipped for a second. So maybe if the baby with the Tampa call goes well or the Hillsboro call goes well, we'll use one of those. I think maximum security is ready to be retired. I still always laugh at like there was a guy on social media want to email. Maybe it was an email, but he said, he's like, why don't you use one of Tom durkin's great calls? I was like, well, yeah, I mean, there's a million of those who choose for my kind of the point of it was because it was my show. It was supposed to be me calling the race. So if you're new to the show, maybe you're, oh, the guy's unannounced or two. At least that's what I thought it should have been. So anyways, but I promise that's I feel like I've been promising that for a few months. I just got to get on the stick and talk to the higher ups at CDI and see what they want said in the commercials and I got to pay the production guy, Brian griggs, to do it. So we'll get on that though. We will. So looking forward to the next couple of days shows, as I said, we will have guests both days is the plan, and that's good. I think sometimes there's too much Jason on this show. We need more other people. Anyways, we're going to wrap up this dish of the program. Big thanks to you guys out there. We'll see you back tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday..

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