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Out something I come alive that's a very good question you don't realize how great that question once again just like that any body destroys the virus it gives you unity it means that Mary could then go to the grocery store not wear a mask because most likely she would be yeah hasn't been proven yet beyond a shadow of a doubt but that's where scientists think it's going and in Germany Great Britain and Italy there speaking of giving people immunity certificates so that if they've been exposed to have anybody they can now return to life without having to wear a mask by the way it's also important to know if you're not on mute if you're not on you and you have diabetes or high blood pressure you're seventy years old you're really at risk for having complications and so we have to make sure that you do stay protected so that you don't get sick by the way I mentioned earlier I used to teach medical school students with LSU medical school did a lot of public health this is what I did for twenty five years think about these antigens antibodies of viruses etcetera so there is a really good point there and one more thing she said one of the treatments is being considered if the tech antibodies from people like Mary who've been exposed assuming that she has been the kind of concentrating and so when someone comes to the hospital really ill with coronavirus you can put those antibodies from another person into that really sick patient and those antibodies from the other from the other folks will fight the virus in the really sick patient and help prevent them from getting thicker there's a lot to this and so so Congress appropriated hundreds of millions of dollars for the centers for disease control to begin rolling out these testing the testing will be free it'll be widespread and hopefully by the end of the summer we'll be getting almost everybody wants to be tested tested one more thing I will say I will add another tore on the Wall Street journal you can look it up online a week ago Friday I think in which I suggested that we kind of keep track of who's immune and who's not if you're not a meal you need to take real good precautions if you're an older person with underlying heart health problems to make sure you don't get sick if you are viewing your Jan can return to life so the advantage of all this is that we protect those who need to be protected and we let those who are otherwise okay go about their business but I do suggest that we set up something like the immunization registries we do for children now the child is vaccinated within a week of birth and then again at age eleven H. fifteen H. seventeen history it's it's it's it's recorded by the way if you just joined us senator bill Cassidy here his star three if you'd like to ask a question and you'll get your you'll get screen also star three if you'd like to ask a question make a comment but then again the immunization registry when you go into the when the child goes into the military age twenty eight they can look back and see they're vaccinated for measles as a baby and they don't have to re vaccinate him away we can set up an amused registry in which if somebody's been exposed gotten over like merry she didn't know that and so that she can put out a bill help she can say listen that might be M. B. but the red door and by the way I've got a certificate of health I and I am immune to coronavirus you don't have to fear getting it for me but she does not have to fear from getting it from a guest and so she knows that she's protected by naturally occurring immunity so anyway all that to say merry what a great question what a great kind of a whole whole wanted to you know see how this town hall meeting this past Thursday there if you just want a convertible capital it starts three if you'd like to ask the question earlier we asked a question about how worried are you about the corner bars one would be really worried to kind of worried three not worried at all a moderator Shawna can you tell us the results of that or call can you tell us the results of that thank you and so far we're at fifty six percent very worried thirty two percent now that kind of worried and only twelve percent not worried at all okay well that's not bad a bomb was worried about people not socially distant think so hopefully most people based on their worry would be now marriages call from Alexandria let me give that phone number there if you have a problem either to misuse the phone number Alexandria is three one eight.

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