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High school mass shooting more than four dozen Denver area school districts and individual schools are closed because of. The threat about sixty percent of Colorado public school students staying at home today because of this some new information as well over the last hour or so a spokesperson for the Miami Dade County public schools says the woman being sought is a student at Miami Beach high school a spokesperson for the school district says they are fully cooperating and assisting the FBI and their investigation. A northwest suburban student is accused of bringing a gun to school police say they were called yesterday to Palatine high school after a fifteen year old rapper small handgun in a sweatshirt and placed it on a desk. Officers arrested the student, but it's unclear if charges have been filed suit and told investigators he bought the gun brought the gun to school because of threats he received in the community. And the office of the Cook County state's attorney Kim FOX has released thousands of internal text and other documents on the jussie smollet case to the public messages to show FOX felt the sixteen felony counts the actor face work cessive. They don't reveal why prosecutors decided to. Drop the charges against small at who's accused of faking a racist and homophobic attack against himself in Chicago back in January and those are the headlines you on on Cada a couple of home runs lay or Garcia joined the party as well at the two run shot and solid pitching from Rinaldo Lopez as the White Sox beat the royals five one. They've won three in a row and four of five looked to add onto that today with an afternoon game royals and the socks over a guaranteed Rayfield first pitch a little bit after one o'clock cubs a rolling as well. They've won four or five Blake the Marlins yesterday Ford and nothing hobby bias three for four is fifth Homer by his nine for his last fourteen. Four doubles Homer three Artie is Jose contain a pitch. Well, seven innings seven strikeouts. Porter. Moser staying at loyal attorney down eight year deal from Saint John's the NFL schedule coming out later today. It's official. The bears will play in London on October. The six first reported by WGN's, Harry. What's the bears confirming that today that will be a noon kickoff on October the sixth? I'm our karma WGN sports. I'm ready to take the.

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