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Left when they started invoking reagan because they despise hanging out i'm i'm sorry to interrupt card barcelona store in australian on morning joe the other morning favorably comparing richard nixon to donald trump now you they've reached new low but liberals loved dead republican presidents because you know they hated is known as alive now then bokram is great nixon one of us live and now they invoke him they hated the bushes they hated ronald reagan but now when it's convenient to invoke them against donald trump they use them as a as a bludgeon her as a as a weapon against donald trump and when trump leaves office they'll do the same thing to the next republican president there's another hilarious comment at the aspen ideas festival with all the little people and the working class people aspen ideas ideas institute walter isaacson puts this on every year i actually went once i felt i really felt like i was i was a stranger in a foreign leader i really didn't i love the hiking everything else was a little odd little strange to me this is what bribery i said let's listen the president is trying to destroy our news organizations that has never happened in history as far as i'm aware john mitchell the former attorney general the united states threatened to put body parts of k grandma through the ringer okay find the next their threaten their financial underpinnings by threatening their tv license i me when nixon a criminal president actually used the word enemy to describe us in public even nixon knew not to go that far you had a real enemies list he did not use the rhetoric the president trump uses in public well yeah they're very worried about what you're talking about scraping the bottom of this type of debate now well i think that again cnn declining viewership make an important point here is that you know i i heard before you had me on to cnn commentary bashing trump for meeting with media people do you know who the last person franklin roosevelt on december seventh nineteen forty one do you know the last person he talked to before the before he turned into the night it at twelve thirty that night you know you talk to edward r murrow cbs person on the day we're attacked by at pearl harbor and the next day he's going to go to congress and ask for declaration of war the last person he talked to was rod murrow so this idea that somehow it's for bolton for republicans for a president to consult or talk to media figures is just nonsense craig shirley here on the laura ingraham show craig thank you so much by the way a friend a friend friends was without old college friends over the weekend my godmother's to my kids and we had so much fun and and one of them brought to of your books to read on vacation i shop it's going to take a picture sitting on her oh that's wonderful nine hundred forty one and reagan rising well you know i have a small disturbed following that's true she was reaching for the hera tequila at the same time craig shirley here on the laura ingraham show the laura ingram show balance of nature's fruits and veggies in a capsule thousands of doctors health specialists and professionals recommend balance of nature as a way of improving their health listen to a.

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