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Crimes and misdemeanors later on today Chief Justice John Roberts will swear in senators Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell it took four weeks but the democratic majority in the house of representatives is finally ready I'm already did fan there impeachment of the president when it comes as the government watchdog releases a key finding today house speaker Nancy Pelosi government accounting office confirmed that the president's actions at the center of our impeachment articles withholding congressionally approved military aides from Ukraine was delayed for CBS news special report I'm Steve K. for the heavy rain this morning led to a more crashes and high water calls in Tarrant county med star says that it responded to twenty three injury crashes during the busiest part of the morning commute the fort worth fire department had six water rescue calls and the department's Mike dread tall says that most of those calls are preventable we have they have been fatal when it comes to hot water with water we want you to get to work in really it's as simple as falling down and not drive through water which you can't see the road he says police firefighters paramedics face a greater risk responded on days like today because they respond to more crashes across the country seven first responders have been hit and killed at crime scenes already this year alone a police and firefighter were hit and killed responding to a crash in Lubbock last weekend and a fort worth firefighter was injured at a crash on highway one fourteen last month well Abilene police have arrested a high school student for stabbing classmates they are all these Kelly weeks reports investigators say this happened outside the cafeteria it Abilene high school around eight o'clock this morning Rick Tomlin with the Abilene police says the suspended student came to school targeting the two students other suspect did leave the area he was captured about eight thirty six bustling terror incident happened roughly about thirty minutes we did capture him all off campus both of the boys who were stabbed are said to be around sixteen years old there's no word on the victims conditions Kelly weeks news radio ten eighty KRLD the numbers are in and the number of flu related cases are up okay are all these Bailey Friday has the latest med star reports treating a record number of patients for flu related symptoms the season the new year just started but the number of flu like illnesses is already up almost fifty percent since December medstar officials say this time last year they were treating less than half as many people for symptoms of flu now they're treating about eleven people a day most of them women in their fifties Mr officials say it's unlikely there are many more people out there sick who aren't calling in to go to the hospital in Dallas County three more people of just died from flu related illnesses Bailey Friday news radio ten eighty KRLD eighteen terabytes of child **** sees from an apartment in Plano police say the man responsible is facing charges for it but he's not in jail it's very hard to actually put it in into words for people to to understand but it's it's it's a sh the very shocking amount sergeant Jessica pond says that undercover officers help to arrest the suspect in the case he is thirty eight year old Christopher Shari's berries was arrested on January the dot the ninth on charges of possessing child porn and and tend to promote child porn for perspective one terabyte is equal to one thousand gigabytes in an iPhone eleven pro can only hold hold up to five hundred and twelve gigabytes Chavez was released from jail on Tuesday after he posted bond well finally some bright news for Texas farmers the US and China have signed a trade agreement this is a huge deal for farmers and the Texas economy Kerry joiner with the Texas farm bureau says China has agreed to substantial purchases of U. S. add products over the next few years this agreement is going to allow greater market access for Texas farm and ranch products to China and he says this comes at an important time for Texas farmers which have been suffering through dramatic declines in net farm income in San Antonio Michael board newsradio ten eighty K. R. LD the force tell police officer shot yesterday's now been released from the hospital will have the latest on his condition plus traffic and weather together on the gates coming up get a whole new perspective on ram.

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