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Out. Rockets. They must have known what they wanted and not have the right personnel on the field. And that happens sometimes in first games, you're so used to practice being with the right guys, and you can get called out onto the field in the middle of practice and get embarrassed a little bit. When you're not on the field during a game. I've got to take a time out, which is a coaching point tomorrow and meeting. Florida state led 22 17 in the third quarter, but Notre Dame has scored 21 consecutive points. Sequence coming up here as Florida State will try and stop that streak and get on the board 13 55 left in the game. Trailed by 18 38 to 20. So you heard Jeff Flanagan mentioned that Notre Dame second time out. If you're with us at the beginning of the second half, remembered Jack home called a time out before the very for snap. Notre Dame has one left now both sides back on the field, Jordan Travis in the shotgun, facing third and goal from the eight yard line. Here comes a big time blitz right at the middle. He rolls out to his left. Now back out to his right looks into the end zone fires two yards deep in the end zone Caught touchdown. Florida State Andrew Parchman transfer from Kansas stayed with Travis as he rolled out left and flared out back to his right. Down parchment about two yards beyond the goal line, eight yard strike. It's 38 26 Notre Dame 13 47 left in the fourth. You couldn't even dropped that plate to try. That was a bobby about and special, they said often the best players of Bobby Bowden's was when they were broken plays, and that was one of them. They're all out pressure by Notre Dame Jordan Travis rolling to the left goes back into the right. Finding the 1 to 1 matchup. Unbelievable Strike he threw as well down 12. He remains on the field Shotgun as they go for to fall in the near cash takes a snap quick flip out to the right side, complete to the five cut back and into the end zone for two points. He's showing Helton, the wide receiver, quite a swing pass behind the line of scrimmage by himself. Made one move to juke out Clarence Lewis that sprung him into the end zone. Two point conversion is good. 13 47 remaining in the game. It's now Notre Dame 38, Florida State 28. Just a minute ago, an 18 point lead all of a sudden now. Offensively, If you're Notre Dame, you need to put together a long sustained drive that ends in point to make this a two possession ball game. Touchdown ballgame. Excuse me. Florida State. Ryan responded exactly the way it had to offensively after they watched Jack Cone lead finding Irish offense scored 21 unanswered points. In that third quarter alone, they come back with a long drive. 15 plays. 75 yards little under six minutes off the clock. It ends with an eight yard past. Jordan Travis to the Kansas transfer Andrew Parchment make 19 starts there in the big 12. So an experienced receiver coming down to Tallahassee and showing up on that drive. Well in a lot of coaches. Now, programs are making the most of the transfer portal. Of course, next year there doesn't have to. You don't have to graduate transfer at will. Next. You can transfer whenever This is going to continue in college football,.

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