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All female set of nominees cinematography interesting. Rachel more simply Black Panthers. She did not get nominated for some taco, and she was nominated last year for I can't remember mudbound believe it was the Netflix film, which was fantastic half of the films nominated for best picture receive an effort rating on gender parody from grade my movie which base their scores and the percentage of women in the cast and crew a failing score means that fewer than twenty percent of the cast and crew are women of the films nominated for best picture only the favourite receiving a rating for gender parody me. That least fifty one percent. The film's cast and crew are women two other films with best actress nominee is receiving a rating as well. The wife starring Glenn Close in can you ever forgive me? Starring Melissa McCarthy's interesting to note, when it comes to the authors also related the Paul straighter was down different academy where I ever had a really funny article while the papers in which he said that it's it's an odd feeling because it's obviously, I'm grateful be nominee. But I don't need the validation the academy's tell me, I mean, it could move good movie. And he said in the case of Martin Scorsese, my good friend. He said Marty made it a priority from to finally Oscar like it really haunted him set him. And I told Marty one time if winning an Oscar is a priority than you need, some other priorities. Balls renter? Couldn't care less like whatever. Awesome. Glad I got nominated by make movies. That's an important city called the hawk Hawkins. Listen, you one anyways, you're disappointed. But who cares? This stuff. Really doesn't mean that much. So we still have more perspective like a guy like Paul Schrader. We'll have interviews on the creeks choice awards coming up in just a second. But first I want to type at a show called berry, which I'm sure many of you have heard Bill Hader and Henry Winkler, and it's excellent had a chance to dive into it. And it's eight episodes. They mentioned thirty episodes in length purpose for binge-watching. And here's a story. It is a hitman who is depressed and lonely and wants to find something different with his life. And so when he has an assignment for the mid west to go to Los Angeles, he ends up having an awakening of sorts. Here's the exact replica read here from HBO disillusion at the thought of taking down other Mark depressed, low level hitman berry Berkman seeks away out when the mid westerner reluctantly travels to Los Angeles to execute a hit on an actor who's betting mobster's wife little berry. No that the city of. Angels may be a sanctuary. He falls this target into acting class ends up instantly drawn the community eager hopefuls, especially dedicated student. Sally who becomes the object of his affection while Barry wants to start a new life as an actor his Hayler, Fuchs other ideas, and the hitman criminal pass won't let them walk away so easily. So I thought it would be a heavy dose of satirical, comedy, really making fun of acting and acting showcases and the fact that when they have seen study, they don't do like death of a salesman they do movies. So one of the best scenes should've lasted the sags hater was nominated for best actor didn't win loss to my guy. Tony shalhoub you'll hear from momentarily, but this show the be doing Glengarry Glen Ross, we isn't her stand the scenes he was just like put the coffee down Goth is for closers ideal. Exactly ball doing the scene and Winkler just is so brilliant in the movie the show, Scooby because he's sending always acting teachers if you've ever been that one acting class in your life at any level or just imagine with these guys are like he's dead on their their pompous. They're self indulgent their manipulative, the generally cheap and a lot of his acting. I think bears a great that had gratitude the berries accord, the immortal character played at arrested development, just his certain mannerisms and just as gentle personality also a little bit Carl weathers interested about member Carl weathers is always so cheap..

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