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Go one in fifteen. We'll keep the impact of trading Khalil Mack. Most the raiders and on the bed. Within last year. She'll be you hit on something. They do not date for you. Players. Just don't win the award. So if you wanna put if you're saying put twenty bucks on it what I'm saying. Then I will. But I'm not I'm not putting any more than twenty five because your co said this who on the Rams are you gonna make MVP are you gonna make off the MVP well cruelly Russia's for sixteen hundred yards. And then what Rogers is banged up all year. Maybe Tom Brady never turns it on. I'm in for twenty-five ain't happening. But I'm in for twenty five good. Okay. I answered twenty five years ago. What about you? I'm in for two hundred really in for do Andre. You got to give you the money on Monday kit. All right. What are you gonna money sacks twenty four bulls? It's going to be coming up today. Dan Wieder with your bears report next Scott fan Palestine, everything we love that speed. At three o'clock. Dave Robinson, big ten Penn. State Ohio State this weekend. Will join us at four Rick Sutcliffe will give us the post on cubs and cards today at five o'clock see doing the game today. Not sure and marching grecko is at five thirty ever go weekend, boys. We'll see. Waddle and Silvy will get you home next. Everybody have a great weekend and the bears game. And.

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