Yokich Embiid, Davis, Bill Walton discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast


I have Davis. Why think the interesting question is if you put Davis on first team where I think Yokich Embiid is an interesting debate. I would right now pencil Yokich over Embiid. But I think that's an interesting debate. I would too in. I had him beat as an MVP candidate. I just don't love the way that team's been playing. I think Embiid beat the if you're going to put Yokich over him bead part of the reason is Embiid is not as good enough player as as maybe the I test suggests in some ways people think he is like he's below thirty percent from three at the forty nine percent. Overall, his assistant turnover issue after interest, which was his big sort of blindspot last year. Whatever it started off strong is now down to one to one again. Like he's like Yokich what Yokich is doing offensively. I just can't be stressing. It's the best passing season by big, man. He's every more assistant. Lebron gets the best. Probably absolutely insane. A big man has Bill Walton didn't do this sa- bonus in the NBA at least didn't do this. There's just never been a big man cage. G who is sort of like not even he was like more of a cagey and unless of a traditional big man like he never pass like no one did this effort. He's averaging seven and a half. Assists the game. It's ridiculous with the Embiid. I like that is I like that is at ten free throws again. Yeah. He he's a very good offensive player. I just think Yokich is a is a offensive player a ad. I don't even though Embiid getting the, you know, he's twenty seven and thirteen but I don't like that. He's not even shooting. Fifty percent has that possible. Well, if you ask them, you might you might tell you about how he has to be a floorspace doesn't like to do that..

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