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Eighty two. All right. Guess where the scammers are heading. Now. Are you ready? Yes. Instagram's and tell you more about that we're going to be talking about some great apps that you wanna make sure that you have on your phone and then later on guess where else. The hackers are going after your printer crazy stuff. Phone lines are open one triple eight eight to five fifty to fifty four is way to join us. Then there's of course, Andrew babinski and the Kim Komando show mankato's Kimmy, Andrew Joe in Peoria, Illinois is a small business owner has about fifteen employees and his employees. He would like them to have phone conversations and text conversations with the customers. Okay. Now, again, they're small business. So unfortunately, he's not purchasing cell phones for them to use. So he's asking them to use their personal cell phones. And they're like, wait a minute. Woah. Well, we're gotta give my cell phone number to a customer. They don't wanna do that. And then then you're looking at what if the? Employee quits you. So. He wants to know is there a way to give a phone number out four to a customer and still have his employees use their personal cell phones to communicate. Yeah. There is. What's your next caller? All right. We have a minute. You gotta tell. Right. Hi, Joe what kind of business? Do you have? I have a seasonal business. That's we do pool. Inspire. Oh, awesome. You should be coming down to Phoenix. I think every house in Phoenix has a pool or spa. That'd be great. But you know, we just survived the parole board tax here. So I think I'll stay seventy degrees. Minus seventy here. Oh, I see. So so what happens to a pool when it's negative seventy degrees. Well, it's gotta be put away the right way. So we win or is it, you know, we everything's fine. We we just make sure that all the line running to and from the bull are winterized. And everything's ok does not a big deal. Awesome. Okay. All right. So you have interested. You have about fifteen employees. That's correct. And you want to be able to have them use their own phone. Do you subsidize their phones? No, we don't, you know, pretty much everybody nowadays seems like they have unlimited text and call. So that's never been an issue, but I want to respect their privacy. And I don't want them have to give out the price. Yeah. There's a couple of things you can do. There are some apps out there that will give a second number to a phone. They do charge. I mean, you have one is an unlimited monthly plan. It's about five dollars a month. It's called burner. Okay. And then another one is called hushed. And they also have an unlimited plan for about five dollars. And so basically, they're on Android or iphone it just as a really simple way to not have to give out your personal cell phone number and not just in your situation. Well, let's say for example, if you're trying to sell something on Craigslist. Okay. The last thing you wanna do is put your personal cell phone number to Craigslist ad. Another thing you might want to look at is Google voice. And I would probably be inclined to look at that solution. Because with Google voice. You can sign up and they can sign up, but with Google voice, you have different capabilities, meaning that you can get that second number on the phone in addition to that you can get all your voicemails transcribed. You can forward that number to another number. So let's say, for example, an employee quits. Hey. And they were using a Google voice phone number. Well, what you could do then take that Google voice phone number and forward it back to you. So that this way you don't miss any customer calls. Oh, okay. Because it's always easier to keep a current customer than to go. Find a new one, right? Absolutely. So and Google voice is free. Better. Yeah. So I think, you know, everything that you're talking about instead of going through the apps worrying about all that, you know, take a look at Google voice. There's a lot a ton of of capabilities, you can send and receive text messages voicemails as I mentioned with transcription you can forward your calls your text messages, and your voicemails to your personal on your office phone keep in mind that even though Google voice is free. If they don't have unlimited minutes, it will be using some of that. But again, just check out Google voice to awesome, tons of tons of videos over at the Google YouTube channel about how to get it to work, and and some nuances, and if you need any additional help we also have some guys about Google voice over at committed dot com. Of course, that's KOA dot com. All right. Let's go ahead and talk about remote PC remote PC by Dr offers real time remote access to PC's and Macs from anywhere and just this past week. I got an Email from a gentleman who said that he's been using go to my PC and raising their prices yet again, and we told them about remote PC for my drive per they went ahead and told us this whole story about how he had backed up his office computers onto i-drive and then the drive crashed. And then he would have lost seven years worth of data. If he didn't have that data backed up to i-drive, and then he had it all within just a few minutes..

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