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And there are still numerous accidents out there. We'll start on two eighty seven southbound after exit fifty two in Pompton plains accident in the left lane and rubbernecking delays on the northbound side, the crash and Bernard was cleared onto eighty seven southbound near exit thirty and on the turnpike, northbound truck lanes after exit nine accident still on the shoulder. We have a crash on the Parkway southbound at one sixty five and the parameters area and more delays. Southbound express lanes approaching one zero nine with an accident on the shoulder and southbound by one thirty seven that accident has been cleared a closure on route twenty eight and garwood westbound after Lincoln avenue that's because of down poll, and you have delays on twenty and Patterson northbound approaching Broadway with an accident. That is blocking two lanes northbound Twenty-one near exit five watch for an accident being cleared westbound three the ramp to route twenty one is subject to closure because of another accident. There are lengthy delays at Newark this after. Because of the weather, so definitely call ahead. Check on flight status that closure in Wellingborough on northbound one thirty that's been taken care of after bridge. Boroughs street. All lanes are now open and it stop and go and Lakewood on route nine southbound around second street traffic sponsored by New Jersey transit. The New Jersey transit police department reminds you that we all need to work together to keep our transit system safe report suspicious activity to one eight eight eight tips and JT or texture reports who end JT PD traffic every fifteen minutes next report at three zero three I'm Adam wall ski on New Jersey one a one point five. New Jersey one.

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