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Lunch continues. Now. Here's Steve Grizz Anedge. Start your Timer. It's time for the win trust business Minute sharing Chicago's business news of the day. Your field based Walgreens is being sued by the Arkansas attorney general who accuses the drugstore and pharmacy operator of helping fuel the opioid crisis in that state. Walgreens says health and safety have always been the primary focus of its pharmacist, and that it will defend itself vigorously against the suit. Construction of a housing development in Naperville will move forward despite the discovery of nesting bald eagles near the site, the NASCAR's Pulte homes to stop the project, which includes construction of more than 200 homes. The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service says the nest is far enough from the site that the birds won't be disturbed. The boundary for the project is 824 ft from the nest. The regulations cover a range of 332 660 ft, depending on whether it's nesting season or not. I'm Steve presented and that your win trust business minute. Here's your traffic with Mary Vandevelde and no accidents or problems on the Eaton's Orale bone on the Kennedy but in about about 28 minutes from O'Hare and 20 from the Edens, Eisenhower is slow. Outbound, especially in the Austin Stevenson is clear. Along with the Ryan the bishop forward. 57 gas leak. Southside 71st, east of Damon. Also some emergency railroad repairs going on in Plainfield, route 1, 26 and main And in Downers Grove, an accident at Fairview and 55th. Vandeveld, Debbie Jeon traffic Central Jordan Burned Fields Got some more numbers. Go ahead, Jordan. Yes, sir. Dow is down 140 points right now, The NASDAQ is up. 56 points S and P 500 has been hovering.

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