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You can identify that he. So he says here to his friend, it's pointless to have a daughter. You raise them and then off they go. If they're on we D, you worry, yet if they do marry, you feel let down. I'm not quite there yet with our daughters in terms of meeting the house, perhaps, to live with someone else, but you could see on the horizon. I hope that's not how I feel about it in the years ahead that's can sound maybe a bit harsh, but in the context of late spring, it's a poignant observation coming from this man in this context. So incredible stuff from ozu late spring currently available on the criterion channel if you subscribe to that. And yeah, homework that was solid enough to be my number one father, daughter duo, shaming me with your number one pick. And I think not only shamed by you, but shame by my own daughter, Sophie, appropriate here for this top 5. I think she was one of those voices on Twitter. She said, is it the late spring memorial list? Yeah. It has to be. She knows it. And I haven't seen it. So I can not put it on my list. I can only list it as a regret. Not only late spring though, for mozu and possibly other films, but definitely an autumn afternoon is another blind spot for me that could make this list wanted to call out both of those films if you didn't get to either of them on your list, Josh. My number one, I'm going more recent. And I'm going with a film that if I remembering correctly, you were tougher on back when we reviewed it initially, but during our Nolan oof review came around on a little bit and had a re appreciation for it. That sounds right. You're talking, of course, interstellar. I am Cooper and Murph. A filmmaker in Nolan, known more for the way his movies make you think versus how they make you feel. I think fair to say, and yet what do I focus on here with this pick is my number one. The interdimensional climax, spoilers, the bittersweet touching reunion at the very end, the rebuke message when 23 years are lost that reduces McConaughey to shambles and me or how about the goodbye when coop leaves for the mission. Goodbyes are tough with kids anyway. I can't even wrap my head around a goodbye where you are heading into complete uncertainty and truly can't know for sure that you'll ever see each other again. We have no idea when you're coming back. No idea oh. I don't know my dough make me leave like this. Come on, Murph. Don't make me leave like this, Murph. Hey. I love you. Forever. You hear me? I love you forever. And I'm coming back. And the hardest part to watch might actually be the nonverbal moment that you can't get in that clip that culminates his goodbye. As he's leaving, as he's driving off, McConaughey lifts up the pile of stuff, a blanket, maybe a few other things that's next to him. Hoping it's a callback to an earlier scene in the film where she's not supposed to follow him. She wants to go with him. And there she is hiding out in the passenger seat, lifts that up, hoping that she might actually be there this time that she's hiding out in the car and it'll see her again. The face McConaughey makes just slays me in that moment, Josh. And when I think about the strength of the bond between Cooper and Murph, the determination across decades and dimensions to get back to each other, no dead and daughter movie is more powerful for me. I love interstellar. I appreciate it even more myself. The second time I watched it, I've got some support here from Scott Ross and derwood, Maryland, who had it as his number one. He said, this is one of the most moving depictions of the family sacrifices required for having to travel for work and the resentments that can breed when the reasons for this travel are not fully understood. Work in this case being saving humanity from extinction using a black hole's singularity. That's Scott Ross, who has a few more picks we'll get to Josh in our honorable mentions, but interstellar my number one Cooper and Murph. Yeah, even in my original review, which was very mixed on the film. I did say something about, you know, I grant the yearly scenes between those two have a poignancy that resonated with this father of girls. So that is an aspect. I liked from the beginning, but I have to give you credit, make you feel even better here Adam about your take on interstellar. You talked about how you were proud of your close encounters letterbox to review on a recent show. I think even better is what you wrote a bit of a retort to me about interstellar. And this has to do with the Dylan Thomas poem that is used three times. Totally turned me around on that. It was something I wrote off as too much, but yeah, some great criticism there that did convince me still interstellar, you know, probably middle to lower the pack for me among Nolan's filmography. But yeah, the needle is moving. The needle is moving on this one. Well, I'm happy to hear that. And of course, I appreciate the kind words. You're right. I have looked back on that review on occasion when I see people pop up and comment or like it. And it's one I am proud of. And purely because I actually think that even though I'm focusing on a specific element of the film, I do hopefully successfully get at something fundamental about Nolan and his films. I think there is, I think there's legit criticism in there that isn't just about saying Josh, you're wrong. It goes a little deeper than that, yes. That was just the spark. Those are our top 5 father daughter screen duos. We both have acknowledged some honorable mentions already. I'll lead off real quick, Josh with the rest of Scots list. He had Tony erdman from your list at number 5, he had paper moon from my list at number four, a movie that hasn't come up yet at number three contact. And one, we're going to get some emails saying, okay, I'm glad you guys honorably mentioned it, but why wasn't it in your top 5? He has it number two Deborah granny's leave no trace. He has will and Tom Ben foster and thomasin McKinsey from that film. We also got that pick submitted by Jeremy Webb to Berman in Philly.

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