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Change committee has said that we all going to need oil and gas even in the run-up to twenty-fifty conscious turn the tie off are thousands of dollars stake et cetera et cetera. But there are those according to question. Well we don't need to approve new oil extraction. We don't need to give them a big oil companies such a favorable tax environment. We don't need to be the taxpayer with cough. The cost of decommissioning and perhaps the uk is not walking the walk and talking the talk when it comes to fossil fuel extraction and investments that being said on the other hand there are plenty of moves afoot in green financing and move away from money flowing into into fossil fuel investment and mass as much to do the markets as it is to do with the government from extinction rebellions point of view. None of that is happening fast enough and campaigners have told me over and over again there can be no excuse for propping up the fossil fuel industry in the north sea when the more pull out the north sea less chance. We have hit simone. That's here by twenty twenty targets. Is it possible to quantify their impacts date aww a influencing political opinion of influencing public opinion affecting policy tool except for us ago they were absolutely influencing public and political opinion. They arrived on the scene with a real ban and bought not just london but other cities around the country to a standstill and around the world actually is a global movement but right now it is my view that the focused on the movement on the momentum when it comes to climate change and policy is on the international stage is in diplomacy it is john kerry shuttling around the world. Us climate. it's in the focus on cop. Twenty six in in november. It is about big levers being ruled that enhanced commitments under paris agreements. It is. it's not about people looking themselves in inboxes in front of the treasury. Now obviously there is. There is absolutely a place for people power and it's been incredibly important as we all know in massive changing massive issues and positions on massive issues in the past but it feels like momentum shift really away from extinction valley and just just just looking at the numbers that capable of gathering on the streets of london in particular and much more towards the big levers of power. This is about wall street and big business changing behavior because it's commercially appropriate and beneficial to do so. It's about the the big global powers china india. Uk the us. France germany coming together and making big more ambitious commitments. To keep this up to keep one point five alive is as the saying goes and it is my view that extinction belly and as it is has electrons of of on its own shifting. You know government policy and changing the behavior big business so can activism actually play a role. In lobbying policymakers on i on my way into parliament several times was handed leaflets by on occasion by really quite elderly people apologizing for the disruption but explaining how important they felt. The issues were well. Judy king baroness brown of cambridge. Is chair of the carbon trust and a member of the house of lords. And i think that that behavior that range of people telling us how concerned they were about. Climate change was very impactful. I think it struck a lot of people most parliamentarians sort of represented the broad range of of society that were concerned about these issues. Had any factor. And i think we on on the committee on climate change. I think for us actually. It was very useful precursor to the publication of our report..

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