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Coming in here that turns things around. All Right Gills I promised and deliver his John August. You're joining because on, Saturday it's the final of. The Cup in Germany Beyer Leverkusen. My Boy Peter Boston yeah against by Munich. Yon So I'm paper. Buyer Levekusen beat. Byron this season right? And so when they played them again towards the end, we thought we might have a final race of ood. Luck and then they go budgets, and then they got. Going to. Be Different in a one off game. Well. Let's hope so I mean for all of us love. German football is sometimes. It's domination off. Munich is massive of course a couple of years ago, my club anthrax with led by Munich. On I. Remember I got a lot of interviews for German. Prayed person. I I. Try Joking to say it's important. Brian Fung for not to underestimate by Munich because they're better than which saying. Ending up! I think. What we can see in in the copies is not only a Cliche, but one game only They will have a chance, but having said that I mean unbelievably impressed, will by Munich of Badu lately the way to building the team at the moment is so so unbelievable, but but still I think Leverkusen will will play on that one game like you said if that beats them before, and they can have a song that the problem this, of course that tradition of I can be the first one who say never who's that they will never. Again Will Champions League this year of course Leverkusen miss out I, mean I was on this culture that has to break and what? What is a better thing to break in a death beppu cal finale. Fewer Peter Bausch and obviously you know you you more handsome and you've got more hair. But how would you approach that game that final to you? Would you play on the counter? Would you try to have of the ball and put them in the pressure and press high ju play cavs. You play giving. FARLAND's has behind. What what would you do and so I'm Barry Mind? You on whatever you say. will no doubt be more sensible than what Peter boss will. When you opposite of anything suggest. Yeah, now I think I think I for a game like this is all about mental parts Israel okay. The the the strategies of course always said self esteem is very very important, but I think that is important to to tell his players that you this. This is the easiest game you would have ceased because by Munich would be the big favors if bit by Munich will win train eleven that well. That was a plan, so so there shouldn't be any pressure on Leverkusen. I and I can only speak for myself. I always feel I played for national team in the Ninety S, and we were always the the guide We would never favorites plane into games on on some games. When we lost, we didn't try to. We too cautious too careful. Then I had a afterwards. Yeah, it's okay to loose spoke. We didn't give it old so fodder putting place. Yes, I will put swollen. Yes, I would put. Up there and so on, and so on so on, so I think they if if they're going to be trying to be cautious and careful be by Munich they will lose anyway, so why don't. You just go for it on CNN. After what you was at yeah, we went for it. We Lost Fair, enough and okay. Is a new season coming on I'm afraid of levels, allowed and go better better deep. At Song Time, Miller will do something. Essays Stan Levin. DOC- will get a goal anyway. So why don't you just try it? Let's talk about the guy who is probably outside of Dortmund and Bavaria. The most exciting player in the Bundesliga kyw Harvard's. He missed their match in the League in fact, I think he'd be suppose games. In the league this season, no conspiracy there. Every young German he will, he's being linked to to Byron. In some ways it's set up for a Disney ending where he single handedly destroys Biron or even just beats Byron carries, Peter Boston victory, and I then announces Oh. Yes I'm joining the evil empire. Yes your member. Some manny many years ago, there was a guy called lot. Amato's who are leaving Bruce. You mentioned Gladbach and there was a decisive penalty shootout was locked I'm apparently missed missed that penalty, and then he went to buy Munich, so he's not always Disney ending. I agree with you, This is a always cup signs. That this time for heroes would be better than that. Could do lessing by could end up getting kayakers. I mean the way they're doing I've been very critical to buy Munich there. There were times that I didn't go anywhere. They were taking players on loan, selling them in like big superstars, and at the end of the day there were people who don't even go into the squad of Real Madrid last Rodriguez R.. Oh, continue coming sold in us in a mess in. In German football, but the way by Munich doing it now i. it's I think it's so impressive on after Roy sonnet. Yes, get KYW, Hodson. Belette bill has hope we take him. Don't as Niko Kovac. Did Coach for for Entre Frankfurt when he when he was there and later late to join them, so that will be a fantastic ending. Yeah, and like all Frankfurt fans. People who dislike Byron what did you do that was brilliant. You sent agent Niko Kovac over to by going. then. Give us somebody for Labor coups, and obviously you know this matches on our air and. On! ESPN casual fans will know Harvard's. GimMe one other. Labor Kuzin player. Who you think could be decisive in this game that people might be less familiar with. Well you always know about the bender twin. Some of you never know who is who one of them is over. Way So, is he. Six Bailey Bailey could be a Jamaican his name Jamaica. S He's been linked to mansion city. He's one of them who can take people on May. Dot is a weakness all Abaya Munich. The unique place to take them on, but Yeah I'd Bailey versus. Davies. Race wins that. Hold! On I think Pavel could be the only eighty weakest link. You could think of thinking that buying team and I think he's someone. Mussa job. Play on that side so on your by left side and his right sites and take on. I think maybe that's where there could be an opening. It's talking about the Byron's lot big signing to wrap this up. I mean big. We knew this was coming. Yeah, question. Do you mean Kouassi from PSG? The young Perje of young. I'm. I'm just. Leroy, signing! He's. How does he injuries? He's weird. Things like remember when he when he missed out. On the welcome. To last second. What is the thinking with by due to buying? I'm assuming they've done their homework and they say you can go back. He's still very young. Is Physical issues aren't there? There's no mental issues. He can be the player he was, and maybe he'll put pressure on neighboring Coleman and create more competition on the wings. Is that the thinking? Do you like this deal? First of all I liked. Is there like Roy? Sonya, I was there at them at the Charity Shield Charter, to shield when you when you go to enjoy felt very sorry for him at that time was a better linked to buy a music as well, but I think we'll buy is doing at the moment you start, you know. Lot of these big clubs is an issue. Where do you get your players? What? Where is your natural market on on buying okay by? David define their market that they can't get the biggest stars I mean they they will probably go to England, and we go to vendors or bustle on real, Madrid other at talking about now, the biggest biggest darst's but. will by a need to be good, and they've been very successful without generations. Is that the take the best players on? The Best German play is there's gotta be a feeling that they doesn't natural way for me to go to to buy. And we just hard for English fans to understand because you will never see. Amongst is united to play going to Liverpool or visa versa, but in in Germany that is more normally on. So I like this way of germs. For Germans to Poe Clubs? That is not good for them, because then then by municipal, keep winning the league. Okay, but we can't. We can't make via Munich Week. We need to break the other team stronger I. Don't think you can can criticise by to try to get the best players I. think that's what they're doing now. They they see. We have to get new bill. Bill I mean there's a lot of talk about him. Annoyed will say forever, but still it's the right move that they need to have the next great German. Goalkeeper at the moment that they think does Nubile, and then it has to go Royce on there. They have to go for kyw hearts on the. They had to be in the market for the team, Obana, although. Muhammad is said that at the time now does not a play for us..

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