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I have no idea what that means emily barbie sansom okay i'll deke sandwich youth the argument no yeah and it is a he really data here's a good the world can be flat yes here's one that will help us get a headline grab a few vince young comes back the nfl you a super bowl i go to the white house na ya ya go to white house okay who shirt respect donald rosado overnight all right so there's the headline no no rockefeller who don't rock yes definitely omar guy did you see that contractor you were like our work of faulk we live with a tech i could have got a silver don't you think when you cut sucks i don't want me to talk about this types oh no when we talk about that talk okay uh a threeweek that down yeah i'm sure that that keep the talks who minimum now unser think if i had any other questions here my god oh i have one last question do you think the nfl the way the nfl changing with like the are pio's and stuff which by the way i i'm stay woke i think rpl's are just play action passing clinton ever actually run um do you think that like you would fit better if you were a 23yearold vince young right now you think that you'd have more success in this nfl than the one that you went into adding i have to says period um just that more confidence in myself and my teammates so i mean the definitely speed of the game as change yeah but uh.

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