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Show a ohtani and elder just one hit in 9 innings for only the 6th time in franchise history, falling to nothing to the angels and skipper Dave Martinez's return to the dugout. We took our walks, we tried to get him in his own. Hit the ball really hard in the first day. I bought his down the line. It's a different game. But you don't be hung in there. I mean, like I said, they're pretty good. Just couldn't really get that hit when we needed Josiah gray gets the hard luck loss despite a solid 5 plus innings of work, the oriole scored plenty in a 12 to 8 win over the a's, led by Ryan mount castle's franchise record tying 9 RBI outbreak that included a 456 foot Grand Slam. The capitals will finish a season below 500 for the first time since 2007 after losing in Boston 5 to two, a result that gives the bruins the NHL points record to go along with the wins record broken earlier this week, but for Peter laviolette's capitals. You can visibly see them given everything they had. Good stuff. I think based on the playing last night in the travel and coming in here, it's a tough opponent. And our guys, they compete. And they have one more chance to do so when they host the devil's Thursday night in the season finale, the Big Ten is expected to name former MLB and TV executive Tony petiti as the conference's new commissioner by week's end. This according to multiple reports, read more on WTO P dot com, rob wood fork WTO sports. This is WTO P news. WTO PFM Washington, WWW and assets wt LP FM Braddock heights Frederick

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