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Get attached to the name and they feel like the history. Of the team gets altered. The histories the history like you one. Those super bowls with those guys. Like Joe Gibbs is still one of the great coaches ever coach in the NFL and yeah, I. Don't see that being an issue like the guys who are the guys who won you know what I mean like that's that's what the source of pride is. Is the source that the city one? The organization won the logo part of it. Yeah I don't I, don't I? Don't get that being that big of an issue. No it's not a big issue and you know. Teams changed their names all the time. It happens quite often. Tennessee did it when they were. They changed the oilers. Titans right right and that wasn't even an offensive thing. It just wasn't. There's no oil in Tennessee right well. The Baltimore the Baltimore Ravens were the Baltimore browns when they moved from. You know right here with the Cleveland browns right Cleveland Browns, and they changed their name and. Teams! We talked about how often that the Utah Jazz make sense from. Where jazz made sense, people teams changed their names. The dodgers were the bridegroom's at one point. Are we upset that they didn't keep the bridegroom's I mean what the hell is the bridegroom by the right I? It's a you know somebody that's getting married I guess I. Have No idea really. Sense. Yeah, the bride and groom is idea that's that's me seem like bridegroom is often just shorted. To groom is a man who will suit. Oh, wow, so that's just it. It was the original name for groom. We just go with groom now. Yeah well, that's what the dodgers were. They were the dog the Brooklyn Bridegrooms. That's funny. Changed your name totally fine yeah. I just don't think this is a huge deal. Do you think analogy. Now you have the Cleveland Indians and they're going to change their well. Yes, great, that's fine. Good right, because here's the thing. Those names if look. The majority particularly Washington the majority of Native Americans that. These polls have been around forever right the majority of Native Americans find that name in particular. Offensive the Indians one I think. is also offensive to them because they're not Indians they are native Americans, so they find that one relatively offensive at times to. What I would say is as. If there if there's a percentage which regardless of whether it's fifty percent, fifty one percent, forty nine percent forty eight percent. I don't care what the percentages if there's a large enough percentage of people. That are offended by it. Didn't just change the damn name, and here's the thing I think. Maybe I'm just not. I, don't get up in arms about things like it's funny, so I'll give you a perfect example on social media this weekend. I'm rarely on instagram okay. I mean I'm on instagram. GIORDANO ESPN is where you can find me and look sometimes I respond to people or whatever so I saw this thing this weekend from the guy who does the frozen cold takes. Handle. Yes, yeah, so he basically takes old takes that people like me say and then he posts them, and they age really poorly, and then everyone makes fun of them. It's actually a really funny bit like I'm really I'm happy for the guy's name is Fred and he's like a fun social media account because there's a lot of stupid things people say over the years. Yeah, you should come back to have to deal with some of those things occasionally. Seats, so he wrote one I. don't even know what it was, but I was on Instagram and I noticed that he posted one with like some fancy graphics or whatever. And I. Know The guy a little bit, so I wrote wow. Look at you fancy graphics and all who are you and just left it there right? I come back an hour later and people are like yelling at me like man. He took from something called Clutch points to see the thing on the bottom. Can't you see the The whatever it was called I. Don't know what it was, but anyway long story short. It was like literally. You know like sometimes these graphics Greg that people post on social media at the bottom. It'll say like really small hat. Tip whatever you know, what I'm saying like hat. Hat tip a Greg Bergman right, so this thing said clutch point really small at the bottom right corner I wasn't even paying attention. I was GONNA walk and I was so tired on this hike I stopped for smoking and I opened my instagram, and that's what I saw, but anyway long story short is that everyone was yelling at me and I was like dude, no offense. You're. Out of shape because I didn't literally didn't see something that was that small on the bottom right hand corner Unia life. You know what I'm saying. I didn't say it like that but I I was trying to be nicer, but that's really what I was thinking and what I would say this about people who get attached to like team names and things like that I. Just don't care enough. You know what I'm saying about. There are things in life that you should prioritize right. There are things that matter your family should matter. Your friend should matter. I'm not saying sports should matter because if people didn't have such a passion for sports. We wouldn't be in this business. And I clearly love sports, but there are certain things about sports, and I'm like I just shrug my shoulders, and like it's not going to make or break my life if a teen changes their name, even one that I grew up watching like I, don't care I'm still going to root for the team like it's not gonNA. Make any difference because about civic pride in that situation is about representing the city that you want to represent right if you're. I'm not saying that the Lakers would ever change their name. There's no need to change their name. But by the way the Lakers were the Minnesota Lakers because there's a lot of lakes in Minnesota. But they kept the name, and whatever, but had they changed the name you know back. In the day when they moved from Minneapolis Los Angeles now in twenty twenty. I don't think anyone would have cared back. Then kind of to your point Greg about the Brooklyn bridegrooms or whatever the dodgers were. Right it just it doesn't really matter. If the Yankees you're of lifelong Yankee Fan grew up a Yankee Fan, so if if the Yankees changes their name to like the pinstripes randomly, because someone didn't like how whatever dude, it does make a difference. They still haven't. They still have twenty seven championships, or whatever that's all that matters. Yeah, and yes, that's all that matters and. To collect points thing for a second..

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