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The driver of repeatedly because they were and pride and had a great mind 100yard the ninth time major chaim kerry player joining us here three open championships three masters to pj's in one u s open to get to putting you obviously have to get to the green and we mentioned the weather of the opening how bad it can get when most of us are playing and the weather gets that bad we put the clock back in the bag and take it to the clubhouse where you guys had to go keep playing so so take is there a little bit more when the weather gets really bad and you're out there playing just how much it can change your game and how difficult it can be the plan in that windy rainy weather look i always try to make picked up well rick pequegnot india and villages are you can't believe living or that people look at syria look at people on a boat drowning many area thing and it put my mind it just try a little harder when you put the kid you live kept on every single shot i would much rather petty second loss deadlock nick leeson ever thought he could beat me always stood on that i am not very good the big thing i played him in the world matchplay chamionship in london on a long beating six seven four five in full and all the newspapers feet the beat me that they didn't know what was my mind and this is what would this guy is back phenomenal player you ever what he's mind when he was playing with it example two what jack nicklaus had this great michael hogan had it you've got thing out i'm sorry i think moi your exact lee right and.

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