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Pride passion and patron Torri of college football lives here. The Paul finebaum show our three podcast. Welcome back as we continue live in Santa Clara, overcast after we saw the sun for the first time in five days. But no rain tonight for the national championship, just two hours and thirty minutes away. Let's get back to the calls here on the program and Bill is up next in Delaware. Hello bell. Paul. Him. Bam and Clinton aimed for. Up here. Paul. Yeah. Yeah. I can hear you Bill. All people. I can hear you. Bill bill. We're having a problem and moved to a different call. We'll come back in a minute. For some reason, you're not hearing me when I'm hearing. You Michael is up next. Michael you're on the air. Go right ahead. Hey, Paul pointed goodbye put tonight. Sure. I think when Williams going to have a big game. Where do you think you'll be on the face of war all night making the balls won't? Jayco in office aside, and maybe catch with tidy myth. I we have with OJ Howard to the four that, you know, I, you know, I think you really many thanks for the call. Let me try to get a few more on here. John is in California, John you are next up. Go right ahead. Paul big fan of yours and. Florida. Gator fan loyalty, tonight's Bamba fall. Do you? Remember, do you? Remember when you use the workshop, Matt Lauren Joey Galloway, either one of what you were talking about. I do remember that. Yes. Well, let me tell you real quick. I know you busy last night at the Golden Globe. Carol Burnett got her first award which will be from now on an official award during her speech, right Siam dot back. Oh my goodness. I heard part of her speech. Didn't hear say that? That's a I think the the origin of that word is British say great word. I I think I've I've only used at one time in my career, but I may use it tonight if Alabama or comes in wins and dramatic fashion that what I was gonna ask you so without vacuous Clinton going to be back..

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