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I wanted to know where it was in relationship to me at all times. And that panic was real in that panic was intense, but now 30 years later were that to happen. I have gained so much knowledge and I've grown so much inside spiritually and intellectually that I don't believe I would have that panic now. So for me, what's so strange? When I was a child, about four or 5 years of age, I was actually taken by aliens. Taken by something, I was abducted. My brother was the witness, and all these years later, I am not afraid of heights. I will hang from a mountain. I don't care. But I can not look up in the sky straight up in the sky, and I definitely don't want to fly because looking up in the sky, I feel like I am going to float up and you know like I will get sucked up into the sky. I don't know why that feeling is there, and then to fly I'm not going to do it. I'm not afraid of heights. I'm just afraid of flying, I guess. I will fly and have flown often and a lot, but I don't like it. I don't like going up. I don't like coming down. I can barely tolerate the in between. I gotta close my eyes and pretend I'm on a bus. But I don't know if that's attributed to my experiences or if it's that I understand just enough about aviation and how a play flies to know where this just saying right. I mean, you know, looking up and there's 35,000 feet of air under this, how many tons of airplane I don't know. Whatever goes up must come down. One way or another. That's right. That is correct. Well, Deborah, I've definitely appreciated that you've come here to share your story with us..

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