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Show. Now the great thing is that we don't have to change that graphic every single show. It's the same graphic. The only thing we have to do behind the scenes is changed that url to redirect and we use a tool called pretty links for that. We'll put that in the show notes by the way. Anything else you want to add about the intro. Just you know. Use your imagination. There's so many things you can do with it. I mean. Maybe if you've got show sponsor, you know. Put the sponsor's logo and there, so you're giving them a little bit of time and Yes. I think I think it's a good tool to definitely look into. Just make sure that you you know that it's on point and that it's adding value to your viewers and I like this next one that we're going to talk about because I think it's something that you do a really good job with on social chatter, and that's the segment overlay. Yes, so, what is the segment overly so this is what the third graphic right. Yes, so segment overlay is. Maybe you actually want to break your show up almost into chapters, which by the way is something that Youtube is starting to roll out to. To find things, and so as an example in social chatter Christian has a part. He calls tool time as he'll actually put an overlay out there for a few seconds, and once again the overlay, basically going to take everybody off camera, or or at least off the video, and it lets people know we're about to start something new and different on the show, so maybe you want to, if you if you had multiple guests. Maybe you have multiple topics. You kind of put that overlay to say what you're about to talk about. And it just it's a way to kind of make things stand out breaks up the pattern of the show. I think it's A. It's a really neat thing to do. Yeah, and actually the reason I use that is because it's not just the transition for the segment, but it actually makes it easy for me to then transition as you mentioned from one part of the show next, and the great thing about that. Is You know it gives me time for example to pull up the screen and I? WanNa share you know. I can still talk to people on Camera Wall I'm actually. Well I'm not on camera. I can sell talk to people you know. Keep the show. So definitely you know you may WanNa. Have a segment graphic again. Ours is just the name of the graphic. We stick with the theme of the show like the Color Palette and what that we use okay, so we talked about countdown timers Intros The third item was a segment. If you have multiple segments during your show, you want to look at it and say well I. Don't need five segment graphics. I may need one or two. It really depends on the length of your show. If it's like you know if your show is like thirty minutes or fifteen minutes or something like that, you don't want to have too many graphics. Just keep that in mind. Okay so what's next the ALTRO? Because unfortunately, the show must come to an end at some point. Because, we all have to sleep and so the altro is a great way to wrap the show up and. Maybe hit on some different things that just kind of a fun way, even maybe flashing some of the ways that. People can connect with you or your guest. You know once again. If you got sponsor your show, you can have the sponsor logos out there or even just share the logo of the product. You're US until livestream. I know as you know. We always say that were powered by stream yard. And so we're sponsored by stream yard, but I think by sometimes giving credit to the platform you're using that makes the company takes visibility of you and say hey. We need to follow these guys doing a good job of promoting US definitely so okay. Yes, Oh, definitely, have an intro graphic now the other reason why we use an in sorry in ultra-graphic my. Next the other why we use an ultra graphic is because again. It's a bit of a magic trick in a way smoke and mirrors thing you know, but for for good so one thing that we always notice regardless of where we broadcast from at the end of our show. If we want to like, have ice altro. Maybe we have a video altro. will put up. And ultra-graphic, and then that actually we do this, it will hi Jim. It'll hide myself. It'll hide our guest, and then it actually is not that awkward pause of waiting for the livestream to actually stop because sometimes when you hit that. Stop recording button. It actually will not stop for maybe three to five seconds, and can just be really awkward. 'cause you're like okay. What do I do and it also doesn't look good. If you're broadcasting and say Youtube, and you have like the ultra graphic, and then it's like Oh wait. We're still cutting to like kind of a blooper or something, so definitely have an altro graphic, and then the next point which is. You know is an an end screen as well in three in altro like they're both a little different. You know so. This is what this is. The fifth item the ALTRO. Is You know? Maybe that's like thanks for watching screen, or it's a wrap up or maybe it's a video that you wanna play, but then an end screen is important, and that's a whole screen basically is what I would call it. So what that would basically does pretty straightforward. You throw that up at the end of your video while you're videos playing, you throw that up to go next for example stream yard, and it says something like thanks for watching, and it has our social media links. Where people can connect with our business, or has our website or things like that? We basically don't put in that screen. Things that need to change, so we want to put like hey, thanks for watching. Here's the four social media platforms that we are on, not everyone just the main ones, so I'd say an end screen now. What else do people need to think about when they're making their live video? Video, overlays Jim, well don't forget that you may want to use lower thirds and lower thirds are away to maybe as an example have the question that you're asking. put onscreen because sometimes when people are perusing through videos that have the sound off, and so we're these overlays can come into play is they can say oh. This is what they're talking about. This is what I wanted to. And then they'll put the put. The volume on also is a great way maybe to introduce your guest. You can also use what they call rolling. banners which may be, it's like subscribed to your youtube channel, or where where you want people to follow you as well as your guest at the those are just some of the ideas that I can think of for lower thirds. Any that you can think of Christian that I might have missed I i. mean you definitely okay so you WanNa? Have some like what we'll do is. We'll put up a topic so for example like will you? The was Kinda like what you just talked about like. If if you're coming on and I'm coming on in guests, coming on each one has a lower third there. That might have a name. It might have a website or a social media channel where you can connect with that person. Or maybe it's got a twitter handle where you can tweet them. During the show in addition to that if we're talking about like tools for example or topics, we have lured that we bring up for that as well a lot of times that will have maybe the name of the topic and then, or maybe it's a question will ask people, so we might have a custom lower third for something like that now. You don't have to make those fancy again. It's just like it matches with your brand, but you want to make sure that it also. It's not too wordy. If you going to use a lower graphic, you don't need like for example we don't want our. We're talking about a tool. We don't want the tool to actually rap on the more third. So what we do is, it forces us to be very succinct. The text that we put what's the name of the tool? What's a one sentence or less amount of tax that we can put to have it show up to where that way? People have to read so much, but I think those are probably the most important ones you know and I know the last.

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