Prosecutor, Investigator, Comey discussed on Mark Levin


Unlike this is cnn as if they sat down with colmey and late it all out when he took and now call me by the way now colmey you see is the guiding the guiding star here khamis integrity now is unquestioned his judgement is unquestioned call me has to be the guy they hold up because he's the foil they used to get trump so call me who they hate it colmey who they want it out colmey who hillary clinton originally blamed it's now colmey the professional prosecutor an investigator with such a magnificent resume undoubted integrity yes colmey that colmey when he testifies comey is unlikely to be willing to discuss in any detail the fbi's investigation into the charges of possible collusion between russian the trump campaign the centerpiece of the probe the source said but he appears eager to discuss his tense interactions with trump before his firing which have now spurred allegations the president may have tried to obstruct the investigation and colmey said nothing but watch held manufactured some some farcical the foolish response for cnn to hang on if it happens khamis public testimony promises to be a dramatic chapter in.

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