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Loving wearing car heart one piece a clothing items in the mid nineties and just feeling like I can't we just make these and then they just start making them and that's the birth of X. Large their their clothing line and like they just they were just spin stuff up like out of nothing. I. It's it's so amazing to think about how easy it seemed to come to them. There are photos of like Yok wearing champion sweat shirts in like ninety. Nine dudes champion sweatshirts. Now it's I know. Yeah I don't know whether or not that he got that from someone else but yeah just like the the level of influence that they had over over. That kind of extra musical stuff was just a whistle wild. Yeah the the movie is something interesting for us to talk about briefly. Because I think that it's been received very warmly but also with a little bit of skepticism. Because it's it's Kinda bulletproof because yes it's so sincere almost disarmingly so and even the the all the humor is self effacing. And it's a it's hard to I wanted more from this beastie boys documentary when obviously like a heartfelt gesture on these two guys as part. Yeah exactly and part of the complication is Beastie. Boys have gone to great pains over the years to kind of self analyze mistakes that they've made. There's obviously a lot of there was concern about kind of sexism and insensitivity especially on licensed to ill. The band members are really progressive. And you know address is married to Kathleen Hanna and Yell Quiz a hugely involved in the free Tibet Movement. I mean these are guys who are like very politically conscious by the time you get to the late nineties but also looking back on what they once perceived to be a kind of mocking of a certain prototype that then they like kind of morphed into and they talk about this in the book and they talk about it in the movie. But I think you're right. Chris like the movie itself is so direct and straightforward and obviously such a such an Ode to their pal. They lost that I even. If it isn't exactly the ten hour mega dock that I wanted from beastie boys and I still would be loved to have I I was just personally really gratified to have two hours of them talking about their lives and what they made you know. I think that's that's probably more rare than we're willing to give it credit for so I appreciate it if you had to be greedy and you had to say. I want a little bit more of X. What is the one thing that you wanted to hear more about? You know I so we should say that the it's no spoilers. Say that the sort of the format that uses Adam. Mike Yaw Horowitz. And dime doing this sort of kind of Borscht belt routine by guess day Jr so there are in front of a live audience. They're reading from a teleprompter and there are essentially walking people through archival footage. Of the Beastie Boys that tells the story of the Bandon it spends a tremendous amount of time on their early early New York days And it spends a lot of time Not Defying but but just really throwing a lot of credit and praise on. Yuck personally I think it would just been cool to get a couple of different settings for their reflections like maybe have some one on one talking heads with Iraq and Mike also maybe to brings different voices. I would have been curious to see. What say there's this really cool part right before It's like what winds up being their last Gig at Bonnaroo and there in Tennessee. Rick filming a music video with Nas and Roman Coppola is directing it and I kind of like I have nowhere to go. So if Dawson Roman Coppola wanted to weigh in here like I would have been fine with that But I I. You can't be greedy situation this. Yeah I thought of the same thing I thought it. Wouldn't it be nice to hear from Matt Dike and the Dust Brothers John Nice to hear from Spike himself? Not just as this sort of antic voice of God meant mismanaging the stage production. That happens in the film but also to hear like honestly what he thought about the group and how they connected and how they became friends. I think it would be nice to have all of that stuff last. We'll have to settle for this very cool thing. They've always been so good about making neat standalone objects for their fans like they had the one hundredth edition of the criterion collection was a collection of all of their videos. I've gotta you gotTa right behind me on my shelf right now. They have book they have this movie. A you know I was reading in an interview with our with our old colleague. Amos Barshop G. Q. How they have this huge raft of unreleased material and they're kind of downplaying it and saying a lot of it is bad but you just know like if even if you just go listening to the peas in the largely unheard stuff that they put out over the years there were stuff is at at worst interesting. Yeah they actually are one of the groups where you're like. I would listen to you guys fuck around like there's plenty of times where you're just like. I don't need to hear Eric Clapton tuning on this seventieth reissue Derek Domino's but I actually like be. Especially because the beastie boys as musicians really didn't come into their own until the middle of their careers. It's fascinating to hear them. Hit that point as as artists. So they're not fucking around our top five's there. This is some of the most focused shit ever. This is some of our favorite music ever. We'll try to do this in a concise way which I did not oversell emotions on these shows but I asked you to give me five songs. I'll give you five songs. Let's start with your number five boys song which is an instrumental cut and is basically my hat my cap tip to their musical ability and their desire sometime in the early nineties to try and turn themselves into the meters. It's amazing.

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