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No I'm trying to come out of the issue I don't want to be in that kind of I have HM that's why I'm here HM you know like music L. L. pattern in my mind right yeah all right if you know I'm right this wrong it all you know and so on if so what our here you were you exposed to the demonic when you were young well it all in all the building should go grocery bill in any way but they just now start clean up because people I was told the all five so I experienced a lot of good Monticello yeah my life all that that it did all get out of here that is the call of the day he just the doctor without so in a child lady shocked that we get to the point back at the age in the wake up in she yeah the comment here you have used some very powerful words I've written them down you were talking you said the first I was scared of god in you mentioned fear isolation at being scared you you you of course mention doubts and even the demonic them I'm interested when you said at first I was scared of god help me understand there are many people by the way who are absolutely scared of god I want to know what were you scared of I was scared of like **** the spear is it called a show trial well we'll give it a try.

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