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Was basically working at as a uh physician's assistant seeing patients doing sick on and when i got out of the service i was a qualified to put a catherine and i went to go to school to be a physician's assistant and um that they would not let me test out of anything and it really aggravated me so i bounced around a little bit and uh i rudia was always one of my first loves the i got lucky enough to started rule small station in 1997 and things just really took off or me god really blessed me and you know i i shake my head because for a kid they have a high school education and if some military your service training to have a tv show to radio shows to ride in the register and do everything i do i i i gotta laugh at it sometimes because you just never know how you're going to give bluff sometimes so when a door closes and so i always believed the good lord it's going to be there to open the door for you what believe that to uh a break up in the things work out i think you will now would now i first thing you know if i was eyeroll know anything about anthony sports but i i've lived in iowa for fifteen years now and i know high school sports are huge just like texas you know texas highschool high school sports are king downer you know and uh here in iowa uh coming from st louis i i mean we had it was more the high school there the high school stuff was was was big but not not like it is here and that's because there's so much emphasis on the pro teams the cardinals the blues and then we had rams and everything but boy tell you what appear co co high school and college issues that that's with words at in and i would just think there's tremendous amount of opportunities for someone with your background to do things while hope so uh you know being asked me all these years me is such a vibrant community and the passion that people have for sports is just incredible and you know i saw the reaction from people why lost my job you know.

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