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The river coming into the monterey so if you look at jim never debenture inc which is the one in the national gallery dumb when he's young also has the river also has a cloth merchant life and threequarter profile but when you get to the mona lisa you see what a lie time of studying anatomy and geology and together at all comes together and there are biographies of leonardo who have great biographers of the 20th century like kenneth clarke in their 30s and 40s and he'll say he ruling exalts at the mona lisa but hill say something like it's a shame he wasted so much time doing math and geology and all these things that didn't work and that kind of thing for the mona lisa answers that criticism with her smile because she realizes that it's only after a lifetime of just loving every pattern in nature thank you and i can do which just be more observant and love the patterns of nature big about you know he would walk around with his notebooks and florence and each see a smile form on somebody's face and indians notebook keep say let's try to imagine all the emotions does that of course with the last supper all twelve apostles were ahead of the gestures have the emotions and so in this mona lisa even though it seems like a pretty still picture is almost should dramatic narrative as you can watch smile flicker and the emotions come to the surface as the earth and creation connects with her he who commissioned the last supper the last supper were done by the duke of milan as i said we not o does a job application may and the eleventhhour graf is as i can also paint i think the.

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