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Presented a new bid for Sears today that included some concessions as talks to save the bankrupt retailer from liquidation continue. Sources also tell Bloomberg BNP Potter, Bob. The biggest French Bank lost eighty million dollars in derivatives trades linked to the US stock benchmark late last year. Stocks higher SNP up twenty seven up one point one percent. Dow Industrial's up a hundred and fifty five up seven tenths of one percent. Nasdaq up one hundred seventeen up one point seven percents. I'm Charlie Pellett. That's a Bloomberg business flash. Bloomberg best with June Grasso. And at Baxter continues. From the Bloomberg interactive brokers studio, this is Bloomberg best. Policymakers around the world, including fed chair. Jerome Powell are expressing caution over their monetary policies. Just last week Powell dialed back his message assuring markets. He'd be flexible inpatient. That's right. Ed and Bloomberg's vonnie Quinn and guy Johnson spoke with professor of economics at Stanford University. John Taylor to get his outlook for central banks. What the fed has done is talk. A lot about an adjustment to the Taylor role based on what they call this equilibrium real interest rate. So they've taken it down a little bit from where they were originally. But I think they're not trying to get back to that. That's what the blue dots are showing. So there's some adjustments. Of course, it makes sense. If in fact, this rate has come down as many people think it has where then is the equilibrium rate. The so-called are star. Professor right now. Yes. Well, they estimated the bet estimates that around three at this point. It's it's very hard to do. You can imagine. Lots of people waiting. I've waited I think it's a little higher, but people in Germany of weighed in a lot of people waiting. I think the main thing and and. Chairman Powell's emphasize, this is uncertainty. And so you won't really know. Exactly. That's why monetary policy is difficult. But but nonetheless, it's possible to be more rule like and talk about rules, and they're doing that much more in the last year or so you're and a half than they have in the past. I think that's very promising. If you were sitting on the FOMC right now, would you be voting for further.

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