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Can hardly see that there's the visibility was really really bad in Arizona the National Weather Service says three tornadoes ripped through the Phoenix area Friday leaving behind a path of debris and destruction CBS news correspondent Danya Bacchus with so many vacant storefronts in the city shopping locals when getting tougher in recent years right down the street from where park slope is lighting up it's Christmas tree to celebrate small business Saturday there's a blue building on the corner dark and empty with a big sign in the window commercial space for rent to can be very challenging mark concert with the park slope Fifth Avenue business improvement districts as they may be just past the worst of the vacancy crisis with commercial rent starting to fall means were filling storefront so we have a greater diversity of stores a recent report from the city comptroller's office from the city wide commercial vacancy rate to be about six percent it's higher in certain neighborhoods for example ten percent on the Upper West Side nineteen percent in crown heights building owner could Jack up the rent a hundred called or or more city council member Helen Rosenthal says she stone buildings owned by national companies don't care as much about keeping them filled the building is owned by a local resident then they really understand the importance of street life thanks to her bill the city no maintains a database of open and close stores the council's also beginning to explore commercial rent control in park slope Steve Byrnes WCBS newsradio eight eighty officials in queens a a sewage problem from a water main break is causing human ways to back up into about a hunt about three hundred homes in Jamaica near JFK airport the mayor says both the American red cross and city emergency management representatives are at the scene to help families affected by the issue for thirty six will always be on your radio at eight eighty A. M. but.

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