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These years, right? Yeah. Like, he's obviously got some demons as well. Yeah. He's struggling. He's got some some sex slaves down in there. Thanks. So you can hear them every once in a while they'll go to Oscar. Bitches? Oh, willow didn't have a worm name worming. That was never Sesame Street guy. I think he had a little inchworm. They warned me little worm on his trash can back in the day. Of course, only big bird could see Snuffle up against. And then somewhere along the way, I don't know why. And how Snuffy was visible to everyone. It might have been when Mr. Hooper died, which is a very sad day for me. I was a big believer in the children's television workshop is a very small child stoke the imagination. It's still going strong. I'm glad it'll I don't think it'll ever stop couple of dad, right? Isn't Gordon or Bob or Maria or some of them dead. Even remember their names. I try not to think about those the pastimes on Mr.. What is that? What the children's work shelters television workshop. They're the people who put on. Okay. Okay. They've put on you ever watched Mr. Jessop who Mr. dress up. No, what's that? It was like it was I think it was kind of the big competitor for mister Rogers was like an old man who had all these puppets and the little tree house and. No, no, no. I was I was a guy who watched electric company zoom Sesame Street great space coaster, though, that was less educational. Although I believe they did some stuff in Spanish, and then there was a show called via Allegra. And the theme was no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, gray. And they would do they would do a little skit in English. And then and then they do a couple of other skits. And then they do the same skit in Spanish. So as a little kid, it really taught me how to start speaking Spanish shows, none of the Ernie longer. Pour que no. Okay. No, he's very disturbing. Like, I definitely molested kids and then bludgeoned nam and then raped their dead bodies. That's my eyeball. That's what I think looking at. It was big in Canada. I guess where they do that. And and then hot fudge was another show. I don't remember much about it. I just remember it was a tripped out kids show called hot fudge, dude. Forget shows now he just on YouTube, and everybody's gonna sing along. And you're good to go hot. Fudge was shown over here, though. Because I know I watched over my granny's house, and it had a real tripped out muppet looking thing part. Okay. Nineteen seventy four. So I would have been five years old produced in Detroit, John, but aired all over the country, including Chicago,.

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