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I knew that we would come out with a victory Yes I've never doubted it And I knew that today would come Sure How was it that one of the men was given an opportunity for parole but two of the others weren't What was different about his case Right so two of the three men Travis mcmichael and his father Greg mcmichael were sentenced to life without possibility of parole The third William roddy Bryan was also sentenced to life but with the possibility of parole Now prosecutor Linda donakowski described the mcmichaels the father and son as lacking remorse and she told the judge that Greg mcmichaels was involved in a leak last year of a video documenting the killing He believed that that video showed he and his son were not guilty of anything That's two months afterwards The state's position is he hasn't changed his mind The state's position is he and his son still believe they didn't do anything wrong And that is a lack of remorse or empathy Ultimately the judge granted the state's request no possibility of parole for the Michaels but for Brian the judge said he believed some of the evidence suggests that Brian was in a slightly different category perhaps understood what he'd done was wrong So he will have a chance for parole in 30 years even so Brian is in his 50s so he could still be in prison for the rest of his life In this case All three men have a right to appeal the verdict and the sentence Brian's attorney for example has already signaled early in the hearing yesterday that he's preparing one and this case will come before another court soon the federal government is bringing hate crime charges against these men That trial is scheduled to begin next month A civil rights activists are promising to keep pressure on authorities to hold these men fully accountable for ahmaud Arbery's.

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