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And son. Now traffic and weather on the 8s, Rita Kessler in the WTO traffic center. Well, if you're in the district, if you're on the inbound suitland Parkway, bad delay is headed toward the light at first Sterling, watch for work, taking a lane. Southbound D.C. two 95, the delay from benning passing east capital street, northbound slows passing Pennsylvania avenue, the earlier work zone on the inbound case bridge has been cleared, travel lanes reopen but not really seeing much of a delay. It is the westbound freeway that has a delay approaching main avenue, with nothing reported, inbound canal road near Fletcher's boathouse, a broken down vehicle reported in the right lane. If you're on the beltway, it is the inner lip of the beltway in Virginia delays approaching and passing Georgetown pike near the George Washington Parkway the right lane is blocked with the work inner loop local lanes on the Wilson bridge, the work was cleared travel lanes open in those delays have eased rather quickly. In Maryland on eastbound 50 all the earlier problems we had near the southern river bridge and close to sandy point have cleared everything looks a lot better there. Northbound two, ten before Palmer and Livingston, however, watch for the delay it should be a single lane getting by that work. In Virginia southbound 95 after the beltway, watch for a large tire tread in the roadway in the center of the roadway. He's found 66 delays from nutly toward the beltway with the work on the left side. Visit fits ball dot com to find a safe used car, Fitzgerald has hundreds of cars trucks and SUVs. Next to a new car, if it's way used car is best, visit fit small, dot com today. I'm Rita Kessler, WTO traffic. And now to storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts. What an absolutely gorgeous day out there. If only it was a little bit more comfortable, but I think mother nature has taken the humidity

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