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With Phyllis thanks so much for joining us today I am generous act happy to be here a long side Phyllis expo Venus she's founder and president of PSP and associates author of the bestselling book creating a calm amidst the storm and I'm so glad to have her here in studio today Phyllis in these numbers see are pretty shocking eighty percent of men die married eighty percent of women die single how does the fact that most women will outlive their husbands impacts planning for retirement well I mean I've been doing this a long time and I will tell you those numbers are not as shocking to me unfortunately yeah that's typically the way that it goes and I hope ladies out there the married a long time and and the role of the husband has been to take care of the finances and you're not so concerned about it because he does a great job I hope when he comes to you and many husbands do and says look I want you to understand this I want to go to Phyllis because I want her to be able to explain it listen listen to it yeah I know the inclination that I've been married thirty six years is don't listen but listen when he says that because it's important things really change in it and you know if you're not aware of it if you if you're not it is it's just that much scary and I gotta tell you I come from a very personal space in this I've talked about my situation why I really got into this niche a number of times on the radio but very personal because at fifty nine my mom became a widow my dad died instantly in a car accident in their relationship was like so many married people he did the finances you know he did the the planning for retirement and she did the house she did a great job he did a great job they have a great marriage but she didn't know much about it she was afraid now truth be told I did it with him because that's my line and we were very close but well my dad passed away she didn't want to be a burden to me I was taking some time off of my career to raise my children and she didn't want to bother me that was the last thing she wanted to do and so my mom tried her hand at trying to figure out how to win Vester money how to make it last the rest of her life how to provide get an income and it was scary people came out of the woodwork people trying to help her but talking about things you've never heard of before and it was that much more daunting because she had no real basis for understanding so I'm here to tell you the slave look this is not rocket science if you and your husband or if you're single if you've done the heavy lifting and you've saved money for retirement how you invest it yes it's a mindset that just when you got to pay attention you know to to the processes but it's not rocket science and what we do best because this is so personal for me because I could still see the pain in my mom's eyes it is we break it down into bite size pieces and and I'll let you in on a little secret it's not it's not just foreign for that person who becomes a window right away it's farm for everybody who goes from the accumulation phase to the preservation phase the retirement phase we all should go through the process of breaking it down into bite size pieces and that's what we do all the time every day all day long we help people go through that process to retire fit in Alice this is all about figuring out what it's going to cost you to retire in the style that you want to and then figuring out based upon what you save whether that's realistic and a keen you in to why it may be why it may not be and how you can make choices to get in line with where you want to be in retirement it's not that difficult when we break it down into bite size pieces but I'm gonna tell you it is so much more comfortable while you know in the case of a married couple well you're both alive to make these decisions together and be able to process it be it it is that much harder so windows especially when they've never handled it before and they don't know who to trust and they don't know what to ask and they've always kind of put it to the side so gosh if you're listening to this and your they married a long time in and your spouse is the one who really is instrumental in you know doing the planning please take it from my personal experience pick up the phone and call us right now for retire fit analysis be one of the first five calls will get you in quickly if it's after if you're the the six the Ron was still going to get you in but it may take a while so be patient I promise you'll be time well spent we'll go from soup to nuts about what you need to know to be retirement ready so that number to call is six two three seven nine to fifty four ninety six again six two three seven nine to fifty four ninety six remember this is a complementary meeting we call it our discovery meeting we're going to sit down and talk about what you want accomplished in retirement with you already retired or you're about to transition into retirement and we're going to take a look at whether you're on track to reach your goals in me time and I'll tell you what if they're unrealistic I'm gonna show you where the gaps are and if you're in good stead we're going to show you.

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